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How to Gift Fragrance

Gift-giving is already quite a personal act, but gifting fragrances signifies a deeper level of intimacy and thoughtfulness between gift-giver and recipient. Scent is a large component of sense memory. When you are gifting perfume, this not only triggers the recipient’s sense memory, but helps the giftee to cultivate sense memories for others. There’s a reason we deem it a ‘signature scent’; perfume ignites potent memories of loved ones, special occasions and fleeting moments.

The question isn’t simply can we gift perfume to someone? But how can we select a fragrance that encapsulates the essence of our loved ones? To assist with this task, Armani beauty has curated a fragrance gift guide to inspire you through the holiday season and beyond.

Eco friendly fragrances

Why is perfume a good gift?

When we gift perfume to someone, we are offering them something that can be used every day or for some of life’s biggest milestones: weddings, holidays, anniversaries, birthdays and more. Fragrances are often deemed a luxurious purchase reserved for special occasions. This is one reason why perfume can make such a wonderful gift option for someone who is reluctant to treat themselves.

A beautifully packaged fragrance gift conveys that true care and consideration went into selecting it. Most importantly, choosing a scent for a special person in your life demonstrates that you understand what makes them unique – and perfume is the closest you can come to bottling someone’s individuality. In essence, the gift of fragrance is the perfect balance of substantial and intangible.

How to gift perfume

Before we can gift perfume to someone, there are a few factors to consider. Gifting fragrance isn’t just about finding a good perfume – it should also be a suitable match for the recipient. To simplify your fragrance gift guide, consider the following:

  • Take some time to understand the different fragrance scents and perfume notes.
  • Do your research on the gift recipient so you can make a personal choice that complements their lifestyle and interests.
  • If you’re struggling to find a good match, talk to some experts and seek out popular fragrances with timeless appeal.
  • You might be struck with indecision, so consider a gift set of mini perfumes. This will allow the recipient to experiment with scents and determine their favourite.

Still daunted by your prospective gift-giving? Armani beauty has elaborated on these expert recommendations below.

Why is perfume a good gift

Understand fragrance scents

Before seeking your perfect perfume gift, you may find it beneficial to seek out a better understanding of olfactive families. After all, how can we gift perfume to someone if we don’t understand the complexities of different fragrance scents?

There are four major olfactive families: fresh, floral, amber and wood. As a general guide to perfume notes, they can be broken down into top notes, heart notes and base notes. When you first spray a perfume, you will immediately notice the top notes. Once the top notes evaporate, the heart notes will emerge – these capture most of the perfume’s fragrance. The base notes, however, have the longest fragrant impression on the skin after other notes have faded. The main fragrances found in perfumes are fruity, floral and wood, each with varying depths of freshness, romance and richness.

Personalise your choice

All good gift-giving should involve preliminary research – and finding the right perfume is no different. If your loved one already owns fragrances, it helps to know which scents they’re currently using. This will allow you to distinguish which scents they gravitate towards and find a perfume that evokes a similar aroma. For fragrance novices, don’t hesitate to visit an in-store expert to help you discover scents from the same family.

If the recipient doesn’t yet wear fragrances, it can be difficult to determine how to gift perfumes that you’re confident they will adore. Armani beauty suggests looking for a relationship between the fragrance and the recipient. Are they bold and confident? Perhaps they can carry deeper, warmer notes. Do they have a favourite city? Try to seek out an aroma that ignites a memory of that beloved place. There are many connections you can draw to help influence your choice of scent.

Armani beauty fragrance gift set guide

Seek out popular fragrances

If, after all your efforts, the gift-giving experience is proving overwhelming, you might be wondering, is perfume a good gift? In this case, remember that the gift of perfume can emphasise how much you care about a person. When in doubt, don’t overlook popular perfumes – they’re beloved for good reason. For the man in your life, opt for an eau de parfum or eau de toilette from the iconic Armani Code men’s perfume range. Armani code is renowned for its timeless masculinity and bold, charismatic notes. If you can’t decide between fragrances, consider the Armani Privé Les Eaux Fragrance Miniatures Set for a variety of fresh, luxurious options. This miniature perfume set is also gender neutral, making it a quintessential choice for any bourgeoning fragrance collection.

Armani beauty fragrance gift set guide

Armani beauty has a variety of fragrance gift sets to guide your choices this holiday season. Is there any other perfume more synonymous with elegant femininity than Giorgio Armani Sì? We’re certain there is at least one woman in your life who deserves this iconic scent, and there are several Sì Perfume for Her gift sets and sizes to choose from this season. Sample 3 iconic Armani Sì fragrances with the Sì 15ml Holiday Gift Set, or embrace a luxurious selection with Sì Eau De Parfum 100ml Holiday Gift Set.

Entranced by fresh, blooming bouquet notes? Consider a gift set in the My Way Perfume for Her fragrance collection, with options for mini sets to 90ml sizes and dazzling levels of intensity and freshness. Gift a flush fragrance wardrobe with My Way 15ml Holiday Gift Set or let them unbox the iconic trio contained in  My Way Eau De Parfum 90ml Holiday Gift Set.

Find your fragrance and engrave your gift

Now that you’re brimming with perfume gift ideas, use Armani beauty’s fragrance finder to facilitate your search for that special someone in your life. This finder can categorise your gift by first by gender, then inspiration, feel and olfactive note to generate a customised result. You can personalise your fragrance gift further with Armani beauty’s complimentary engraving services which is available on selected products (simply tick ‘add complimentary engraving’ on check out). This will ensure your perfume gift is a precious keepsake that your loved one will treasure for the years to come.

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