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Skincare Layering: Create Order in Your Skincare Routine

On their own your skincare products each have a unique purpose. Face creams are of course used on skin to moisturise and hydrate, and cleansers purify and clear skin of pollutants and bacteria. What is sometimes less known is the combined function of each step in a skincare routine.

Your skin routine works in tandem to boost radiance and reduce concerns like signs of ageing and imbalanced moisture levels. When used in the right skincare order, your face cream seals all other skincare ingredients into skin. And as the first step of a face care routine, your cleanser also acts as a ‘prepper’, to allow maximum absorbency of the following products.

To understand the perfect skin routine order, including whether to apply face oil or moisturiser first, read our de-mystifying step by step skin care routine. We demonstrate the correct use of your luxury skincare, to maximise youthfulness, strength and beauty in skin.

How to layer skincare

There is a certain science behind skincare application. Our dedicated formulas contain potent ingredients that target any imbalances and promote clarified skin. The structure of each product is developed to address specific skin types, and what order to apply skincare comes down to the compound structure. After cleansing and purifying, skincare layering follows an order of lightest to thickest. The same applies when choosing how to layer serums. By starting with your lightest texture product, you allow the ingredients to permeate skin and have the maximum effect.

Skincare routine order morning and night

Your day and night skin care routine follows a similar pattern, but can sometimes differ depending on ingredient usage. One variation between the two routines is the inclusion of SPF products within morning skincare routines. Additionally, how skin operates whilst we rest provides an opportunity to use richly regenerative products, as skin is most permeable at night.

Step by step skincare routine

The correct skincare routine order will work to firm, brighten and hydrate skin. Your multi-step routine may be minimal or extensive, depending on your skin type and concerns. If your skin can wear skincare and makeup products easily, build your skincare routine as you like so that it corresponds with your goals. For those experiencing sensitivity in skin, a paired back face care routine lets skin focus on absorbing three to four supportive ingredients. To understand which products can benefit you most, filter our regenerative skincare via concern or benefit.

See below for the ideal skincare layering technique, to allow your beauty to be at its best.

1. Cleanse skin of impurities

The first of your empowering skincare steps for both AM and PM is a cleanser. In the morning, cleansers remove excess oil, sweat and bacteria built up during sleep. At the end of day, your cleanser removes irritants like pollution, dirt, bacteria and oils that have been exposed to you. To allow the proper absorbency of serums and creams, our balancing cleansers simultaneously provide hydration and clarity to skin. If you prefer your cleanser to foam and be richer in texture, discover the Crema Nera Supreme Foam-In-Cream Cleansing Moisturiser.

2. Exfoliate to renew skin

Exfoliators are a life-changing component of any face care routine for oily, dry and mature skin types. Dead skin cells can exacerbate clogged pores and lead to flakiness, dullness and a disrupted cell cycle. After skin is purified of external stressors, apply a morning and evening gentle exfoliant. This step eliminates dead skin cells and any remaining impurities, so that the final skincare steps can target renewed and freshened skin.

3. Apply targeted serum

The targeted formulas of serums make them a powerful step in every skincare routine. Because of their light molecular structure, serums should be pressed onto cleaned and cleared skin immediately after drying your face. As a proactive anti-ageing measure that benefits all skin types, explore the Supreme Reviving Serum for a youthful, glowing complexion.

4. Dab on facial essence

A mainstay of Korean beauty, facial essence’s benefit skin by toning, moisturising and strengthening skin. Their texture is slightly heavier than that of serums – so apply them as the final skin routine step before moisturising. If your skincare goals are to firm skin and achieve anti-ageing benefits, implement a facial essence to your skin routine.

5. Use eye and face cream

Moisturising face creams rebalance oil levels in skin and ensure proper hydration throughout the day. When skin is moisturised with nourishing ingredients it is able to retain and achieve a brightened complexion. In the morning and at night, massage the anti-ageing Crema Nera Supreme Reviving Cream into skin in circular motions for immediate improvement to skin’s health. To go in tandem, dab the Crema Nera Light-Reviving Eye Cream to the ultra-sensitive and thin eye-area.

6. Use facial oil

Think of your facial oil as the final protective barrier for skin. Face oils like the anti-ageing Crema Nera Supreme Recover Oil have a wax-like texture. This allows them to ‘seal’ in the nourishing, protective, and replenishing ingredients of your previous skincare routine steps. At morning and night, apply a few drops to clean hands and pat gently across your face and neck, massaging any excess product into skin.

Skin feels and looks firmer, radiant and clear.

We hope you loved our guide to perfect skincare layering. To continue discovering beautiful skin, find out the right skin prep for a flawless makeup base next



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Skincare Layering: Create Order in Your Skincare Routine


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