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Which Perfume is Best for Men?

The ritual of applying your perfect fragrance match can add a lavish feeling to your morning routine - a small moment of indulgence to start your day. But finding your ideal perfume can be a challenging pursuit. Choosing a perfume that suits you involves understanding the fragrance notes you find most attractive and knowing your individual scent style, be it subtle or intense. Once you find a perfume that encapsulates your personality, it can elevate your presence in any room. To help you discover your signature scent, we’ve put together a list of the best men perfumes for men from the Armani men’s fragrance collection.

Which Perfume is Best for Men

Cologne vs perfume: what’s the difference?

Cologne has become a general term for masculine fragrances, but true cologne is defined by its low concentration of fragrance oil. An authentic eau de cologne has a light scent, which makes them perfect for freshening up throughout the day, and less ideal when lasting wear is needed. If a more intense scent with a lasting aroma is important to your scent style, you might want to look to men’s perfume instead of asking ‘what is the best cologne for men’.

The most common type of perfume is an eau de parfum. These fragrances are the middle ground in terms of perfume oil concentration and are designed to last all day without being overpowering. If your high-quality eau de parfums do fade after a few hours, it’s likely due to how you’re applying the product rather than how the fragrance is formulated. To enhance the duration of your perfumes, follow our application tips below and find out how to choose perfume for men.

How to apply men’s perfume

It’s important to consider how you store fragrances - the moisture and changing temperate of a bathroom will have a serious impact on a perfume’s shelf life. Instead, keep your fragrances in a cool place away from windows, like your bedroom. How and where you apply a fragrance on your body will also have an effect on the staying power of its aroma. The key to unlocking long-lasting perfume is strategic application, which you can achieve in three simple steps.

1.     Hold your fragrance bottle three to five inches away from the skin.

2.     Spritz your perfume on pulse points, like the neck or inner wrist - warmer areas of the body can encourage fragrance to disperse evenly.

3.     Applied strategically, two sprays of a well formulated eau de parfum will provide a lasting scent that isn’t overpowering.

Now you know how to apply men’s perfume, but how can you go about choosing a perfume that speaks to you? Discover your new signature scent or expand your fragrance wardrobe with our break down on Armani’s best perfumes for men.

A summer scent

When it comes to fragrances, an eau de toilette provides a light touch, so we think the Acqua Di Giò Eau De Toilette is the best perfume for men who want a subtle scent. A refreshing take on a woody fragrance, this perfume has bright top notes of bergamot, tangerine and neroli. Adding to the natural essence of Aqua Di Giò are heart notes of marine, jasmine and rosemary, while cedar and patchouli provide rich base notes.

best men perfumes

A modern marine perfume

Acqua Di Giò Profondo Eau De Parfum is the best perfume for men who are looking for modern sophistication in a fragrance. Citrus collides with marine scents to create a bright top layer with an aromatic essence beneath. This contemporary fragrance is uplifted by a classic, masculine edge of patchouli and musk base notes.

A sparkling scent

A vibrant take on the original Profondo scent, Acqua Di Giò Profondo Lights Eau De Parfum reveals an unexplored intensity. Green mandarin, and cardamon give this masculine fragrance a vivid first impression before falling into its powerful heart of aromatic essences. A base of cedarwood and Guatemalan patchouli provide a resinous layer to this radiant masculine fragrance.

A classic woody perfume

Woody fragrance notes make for a classic masculine perfume - but for something with a seductive twist, try the Acqua Di Giò Absolu Eau De Parfum. Marine top notes soften the elegant combination of woods that form the centre of this perfume. Carrying this fragrance is a thread of patchouli base notes that make for a bold and sensual statement.

A fresh fragrance

Inspired by the contrasting elements of volcanic rock and wild ocean waters the  Acqua Di Gio Parfum is one of the best perfumes for men who prefer a natural scent. Aquatic top notes melt into fresh heart notes of rosemary, geranium, and sage. Mineral incense and patchouli base notes provide a seductive depth to support the upper layers of this perfume.

Now you know all about how to choose perfume for men, discover our top winter perfume scents.


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