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The Secret to Long Lasting Perfume

To create perfume that lasts all day, we combine artisanal expertise with our knowledge of parfum types and formulas. To wear your favourite scent throughout the day and into night, the right prep and application styles should be followed. Achieve long lasting and brilliant wear by discovering how to apply perfume, where on your body and clothes to spray it, as well as how best to store your scent.

Finding a signature scent allows you to express your masculinity or femininity, in charismatic, sophisticated or modern ways. Perfumes and colognes help to establish mood and encapsulate the memories that we create.

Our fragrances for women and men are designed to last. To know how to make your perfume last longer, read our step-by-step guide for perfect application. We explain how to use perfume so that the layered notes stay with you for your entire wear. For the best long lasting perfume for men and women, read on.

How to make perfume last longer

Scents are an important expression of the wearer’s moods, hopes and identity. To speak to sultry or elegant emotions, your perfume or cologne should remain on skin throughout the entire wear. If you’ve ever wondered ‘how long does perfume last?’, the answer depends on a number of factors.

As your perfumes aren’t the only scented product in your cabinet, it’s important that you consider what fragrances you’re layering. Strongly scented deodorants and body oils can overwhelm subtler scents, so wearing fragrance-free skincare will help each different stage of your perfume carry through.

Read on to understand how to use cologne and perfume properly for long lasting wear.

How to prep skin for perfume

The notes in perfume need to be able to sit on skin in order to envelop you throughout its wear. To do this, your skin needs proper hydration. Start by prepping skin with a body milk and face moisturiser like the Crema Nera Supreme Reviving Cream. The oils in our deeply nourishing skin hydrators help your perfume to hold onto skin longer, allowing the fragrance to move through its notes. If using a scented moisturiser, make sure that the fragrance compliments those in your perfume or cologne.

Where to spray perfume

Where you place your perfume is just as fundamental as how prepped your skin is beforehand. The strongest perfumes are supported by the movement and heat of our body and pH levels. So where to put perfume? Focus on your body’s pulse points – the surface areas of skin where blood pumps the strongest. For long lasting perfume, spritz on your neck, wrists, behind your knees and ears, the crook of your elbows and your ankles. The heat that emanates from these areas helps your perfume to develop.

How to apply perfume

The perfect way to wear your scent is to spritz across clothing and pulse points, without over-applying. Knowing how to apply cologne or perfume is about paying attention to the subtleties of your scent. There are three notes in a scent – top, heart and base, and each needs space to bring radiance to their wearer. Spray in quick bursts across the important parts of skin, and on cottons, wool, silk or cashmere.

Store your scent properly

To retain your strong long lasting perfume, proper storage is vital. Keep your signature scents in cool, dark places. Spaces like bathrooms involve humidity, so aim for a cool, neutral room. Closed cupboards are ideal areas, and refrain from shaking your perfume as the oxygen released can dull your scent. Using Eau De Parfum or Eau De Toilette, each of our fragrances stay on skin longer. Protect their vitality by keeping them well-stored.

Long lasting perfume for women

Our range of special and captivating fragrances for women help to shine light on your individual radiance and style. For those who are best encapsulated by chic yet soft modern femininity, choose a fruit fragranced perfume like Si Eau De Parfum EDP, with notes of liquorice blackcurrant nectar. For a scent that speaks to curiosity and authenticity, opt for a floral fragrance like My Way Eau De Parfum. The high-quality, long-lasting My Way Eau De Parfum Refill Bottle can be kept to replace your scent once used.

Long lasting perfume for men

The refined and charismatic range of fragrances for men are designed to last. The best long lasting perfume for men depends on your scent preferences and your unique style. Whether you’re choosing for yourself or for a loved one, look to the traits and emotions that each note in a cologne represents. For elegant masculinity and passion that remains fresh, look to a fragrance like Acqua Di Gio Profondo, with marine notes. For warmth and sensuality, select a wood fragrance like Acqua Di Gio Asbolu Fragrance

Now that you know the secret to long lasting perfume, understand the different layers of scent with our guide to perfume notes.


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