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Embody your natural essence by finding your own distinctive fragrance. By understanding the key differences between perfume notes and the way that perfume scents evolve throughout the day, you can reveal which fragrance best suits you.

Each of our fragrances encompass a balance of top, heart and base notes. Their type, whether it be fresh, fruity or floral, speaks to different moods and seasons. When gifting a perfume, seek to align the ambitions of the receiver with the fragrance concentration.

This perfume guide will explore how perfume notes interact to empower you to select a perfume that speaks to who you are. Read below to explore the scents and intensities found in our range of women’s and men’s fragrances.

How to identify perfume notes

Perfume notes refer to the layering of scents that work together to develop your fragrance. Think of each perfume note step as your scent journey. Throughout the course of your day, top notes make way for heart notes, and eventually evolve to reveal the base notes. By travelling through a range of developing scents, your perfume shifts intrinsically with the fluidity of each day.

Top notes

The initial scent you both sense and wear, top notes are made from lighter oils such as citrus and lavender. These fresh sensations are a subtle and luminous ode to the beginning of each day. Top notes begin to transition into heart notes after the first fifteen minutes, leaving you with an initial impression of inspiration.

Heart notes

The heart notes capture the majority of a perfume’s fragrance, and are experienced for longer than the top notes. Heart notes are warmer and can be complex, to align with the wearer’s true nature in an intimate way. The heart note will make way for the base note after around an hour.

Base notes

The final stage of fragrance lies in the base notes, which stay on skin the longest. To evoke the fullness of each day, these notes have a richer and smoother depth than the earlier scent experience. The base notes in the Armani beauty range linger to encapsulate new memories and encourage your true passion.

Eau de toilette vs eau de parfum

The concentration of your perfume is explained in these terms. Also known as edp, eau de parfum has a high concentration of around twenty percent fragrance. Eau de toilette, or edt, holds a subtler concentration of around five-fifteen percent fragrance. The term toilette originates from the French term ‘Faire sa toilette’, meaning to ‘get ready’. These perfumes are perfect for wear during the day.

Main fragrances found in perfumes

The sense of self captured by your perfume comes through each different fragrance type. Our best-selling perfumes indulge in the allure of fruity, floral and wood fragrances, to celebrate your complexity. Read through our guide on the main fragrance types below, to find the perfect fragrance for you.

Floral fragrance

Romantic and sensual, floral perfumes speak to the femininity of their wearer. As femininity is both daring and modern, and curious and playful, the floral perfumes in the Armani beauty range are cultivated for the uniqueness of all. For floral elegance, discover My Way Eau De Parfum. The intensity of new encounters and connections on one’s journey is embodied through a bright floral bouquet of tuberose, jasmine and orange blossom. Then through the base notes, cedarwood and vanilla round off the depth of the authentic woman.

Wood fragrance

Wood fragrances envelope the potential of evening. Men seeking refined invigoration can express their essence through Acqua Di Gio Profondo Eau De Parfum. Reflecting the salt of sea, wood minerals are blended with the aromatic essence’s and green mandarin. The warm masculinity of youth is illuminated with cinnamon and ambery woods in Stronger With You Only Eau De Parfum.

Fruity fragrance

Fruity fragrances respond to the warmth of brighter seasons and moods. Citrus fruits such as grapefruit and lemons evoke a light freshness, ideal for those seeking to emphasise their curiosity. Open adventure is carried through by fresh bergamot in Acqua Di Gio Profumo. Mineral freshness meets sea rock as citrus is paired skilfully with incense in a harmonious display of masculinity.

The charismatic woman is best represented by deep fruits such as cherries and blackcurrants. For those seeking to evoke their modern sophistication, experience Si Eau De Parfum. A liquorice blackcurrant nectar combined with blonde amber wood and freesia at its heart plays to the wearer’s modern sensuality. The ultra-femininity of young women in love is amplified through the use of black cherry with floral heart notes in the In Love With You Eau De Parfum. Wear to celebrate both your strength and vulnerability.

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