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A guide to radiant summer scents

Light summer scents play muse to warmer weather. Sea spray, flowers in bloom and refreshing, sultry notes all compliment leisurely long days. Summer also brings with it a litany of social events – to complete and elevate your summery ensemble, match it with a fragrance suited to the season.

When choosing perfumes for summer, there are a few guiding principles. Refreshing sensations are key here – but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on complexity. Each of our long-lasting summer perfume combines base, heart and top notes that uplift and enrich each experience.

For the best summer fragrances for men and women, as well as our unisex range, read on. We detail the specific fragrances that can uplift and energise you throughout each warm day and into the night.

How to find perfumes for summer

Alongside moods and occasions, scents also represent different seasons. Refreshing your perfumes can help to signify these changes to the weather. If you already have a perfume wardrobe or tend to stick to one signature scent, matching your perfumes for summer to the rise in heat can refresh and renew your mood.

Invigorating notes like aqua, mineral, citrus and light blooms suit both feminine and masculines scents. As the temperature rises, avoid perfumes that favour heavier notes like spices, musk, and woods. Aside from the difference in moods that they play into, hot weather itself requires lighter notes. In summer, perfume notes tend to combine quicker, so by using fresher scents with less notes and lighter tones, your holiday perfume can last longer.

Best summer fragrances for men

The best summer perfumes reflect the increase in activity. Look for perfumes that blend with your natural scent, focusing on fresh fragrances. Lighter perfumes can lift your energy on hot days and improve your mood, and with so much time spent outdoors, you should stick to outside-inspired notes. Grass, minerals, aqua and marine scents all speak to the vibrancy of warmer weather. This season’s best summer perfumes with masculine notes are ahead.

Mineral scents

More of an enhancer than its own fragrance, mineral scents can evolve most fragrances into summer scents. Mineral scents add tones of salt to wood, floral or fruit fragrances to uplift and refresh them. Bleu Turquoise, part of the Armani Prive couture scent collection, combines salty mineral accords with vanilla. A unisex perfume, Blue Turquoise speaks to the intersection of sky, volcanoes and sea.

Marine scents

Powerful and masculine, marine scents refer to iodized notes that are reminiscent of the deep ocean. A long-lasting summer perfume, marine scents carry depth without being heavy. Acqua Di Gio Eau De Toilette is simplistic but stimulating, mixing aquatic notes with jasmine, rosemary and warm Indonesian patchouli. Layered to remain fresh and invigorating, this iconic eau de toilette achieves what the best summer perfumes should.

Mediterranean scents

Scents that are specific to certain regions are created to evoke the experiences and emotions that come from there. Focused on nature, this unique scent developed by Armani speaks to the Italian island Pantelleria. Armani Prive Cypres Pantelleria Eau De Toilette is another of Armani Beauty’s unisex summer scents, evoking images of holidays on untouched landscapes around the Mediterranean. Cypress tree notes meet sea foam, before moving into sage and citrus notes.

Best summer perfumes for women

To bring energy and freshness to warmer feminine fragrances, the Armani range of summer scents combine sweet notes with refreshing accords like mineral. To enhance the warmer days without becoming too heavy, the best scents for summer are lightly layered. Ahead are the Armani range of feminine holiday perfumes.

Floral woody scents

Floral notes can be suited to winter or summer, depending on the depth of warmth that they carry. My Way Eau De Parfum invokes bright floral bouquets for long-lasting luminosity. Orange blossom from Egypt meets Tuberose and Jasmine from India, for a uniquely and consciously sourced composition. Finishing with cedarwood from Virginia, these fragrance layers are highly refined and fresh.

Floral citrus scents

The brightness across Armani’s floral range of perfumes for summer are achieved through the use of lighter florals. Meaning ‘yes, flowers’ in Italian, Si Passione Ectlat Eau De Parfum is made with neroli, a lighter Mediterranean flower. Like ‘no-makeup makeup’, this every day and holiday perfume provides a clear yet refined glow. The final notes build into green mandarin and energetic blackcurrant.

Chypre scents

Chypre scents play between warm and cool contrasts. Meaning Cyprus in French, these perfumes for summer combine earthy notes like moss or wood with fresh citrus or bright florals. Si Eau De Parfum Intense brings together benzoin resin and liquorice davana Isparta rose from Turkey, with energetic blackcurrant. Si Eau De Parfum Intense is a long-lasting summer perfume that evolves in a rich and inspired way.

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