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How to build your fragrance wardrobe

Perfumes are referential and sensorial tools that enhance certain times of day and specific occasions. While those who honour a signature scent may subscribe to the one-fits-all rule, those with perfume collections believe that what suits a morning café visit differentiates from an evening event. If you prefer diversity, a perfume wardrobe provides a different scent for every occasion – and building yours is easier than you may think.

A mini perfume set like Giorgio Armani Miniatures Eau De Parfum 7 ml Holiday Gift Set allows you to try out a range of different scents before investing in full-sized fragrances. Fragrance types like floral, fruit and aquatic all suit different moods – and together can build a complete collection. To find out what a fragrance wardrobe is and view each scent in our miniature perfume collection, read on.

To experience the different possibilities of a perfume wardrobe and find your paired scents, our mini perfumes combine a range of fragrance types. Here’s how to find the right perfume for each component of your lifestyle.

What is a perfume collection?

Otherwise known as a fragrance wardrobe, your perfume collection refers to a number of scents, used at different times. A signature scent is worn every day, essentially becoming your own fragrance. Fragrance wardrobes allow you to change scents depending on your mood or occasion. Usually, a perfume collection has around 3-5 fragrances, but there aren’t any strict rules – how you’d like to curate yours is up to you. To create a holistic fragrance wardrobe, we suggest a mixture of fresh, lighter scents like Si Eau De Parfum and those with more complex bodies, like Armani Privé Cuir Noir Eau De Parfum. This allows your collection to span the whole year, with a range of seasonal options. Essential components of a perfume collection include:

  • Seasonal scents
  • Both bright and deep fragrances
  • Different fragrance types
  • Everyday and special occasion scents

  • Building your fragrance wardrobe

    When deciding which perfume suits me, the best determiner is to allow each scent to interact with your skin over a prolonged period of time. Perfumes have three notes – a top, heart and base note, which evolve into one another as you wear it. Whereas trialling a perfume in a store only reveals the top note, a mini perfume set allows you to see how each scent develops and interacts with your skin as time goes on. When building your perfume collection, it also helps to understand the core fragrance types. They include:

  • Floral: can be both light and deep, depending on the type of bouquets used. A celebrated feminine scent, floral perfumes are a classical and essential component of any fragrance wardrobe.
  • Fruit: fruit perfumes can be unisex, feminine or masculine, owing to their wide-ranging notes. Deeper fruits like blackberries may be a part of a winter scent, whereas acidic fruits like mandarin can be worn as a refresher in the hotter months.
  • Acqua: daring and modern, aquatic perfumes usually have mineral and oceanic notes, and can also encompass woods and other nature elements. These perfumes are unique components of a perfume wardrobe and can be worn across seasons.

  • Giorgio Armani Miniatures Eau De Parfum

    Each miniature perfume in Armani’s collection represents different moods, seasons and intensity levels. By exploring the mini perfumes, you’ll find which individual floral scent you connect with alongside the selections you resonate with for different events and moods. You might be surprised to know that your scents can be blended together too, giving you a world of possibilities. Ahead we detail each scent in our mini perfume set.

    Si Eau De Parfum

    Rose is an essential scent in any fragrance wardrobe. Si Eau De Parfum is an iconic Armani perfume – undeniably feminine, elegant and sensual. An aromatic rose fragrance, this selection is modern and suitable for every season. Blackcurrant nectar, chypre and musk white wood accord provide warmth and refinement. This scent has depth of notes whilst maintaining enough simplicity for everyday wear.

    Emporio Armani In Love With You

    Youthful, contemporary and passionate, Emporio Armani In Love With You Eau De Parfum is the celebratory fruit fragrance in this mini perfume set. Top notes of black cherry essence provide a uniquely oriental initial scent, before developing into a radiantly feminine jasmine floral heart note. Patchouli essence offers a sensual finish.

    Si Passione

    An intensified interpretation of the original perfume, Si Passione Eau De Parfum is perfect for evening wear. Combined floral and fruit notes provide a feminine and vibrant foundation. Top notes of blackcurrant essence and joyful pear energise and lift the mood, before enveloping into pure rose and jasmine. A deeper base of intense vanilla and cedarwood offer bold sensuality.

    Acqua Di Gioia

    Meaning ‘water of joy’, Acqua di Gioia is simplistic and inspired by nature, for a naturally chic component of your fragrance wardrobe. Inspired by cheerful and serene expressions, this scent can be worn to uplift your mood and energise. Primofiore lemon and water jasmine evolve into cedar, creating an aquatic citrus and wood fragrance.

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