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Scent is such a powerful thing — it can instantly evoke a memory, bringing you back to a person, place or special time. Given the importance of perfume in our beauty wardrobes, it’s important to find the right fragrance that speaks to you.

Fragrance is something that can change according to the season, with lighter, fruitier scents perfect for summer, while winter is the ideal time to embrace heavier, richer perfume notes that are made for cooler days. But what’s the key to navigating your way successfully through the myriad winter perfumes available out there? Read on for our guide to finding the right winter perfume to carry you through chilly days and cosy nights in.

Winter perfume scents

How to choose a winter perfume

It’s always important to consider the season you’re in when it comes to finding your signature scent. The fresh fragrances that are usually synonymous with spring aren’t necessarily right for the mood of winter. With cooler temperatures and the cocoon-like dressing that go hand-in-hand with wintery days, consider perfumes with richer notes, such as amber or wood-based scents, or warm notes such as vanilla or tobacco. Spicy notes such as cinnamon and pepper are also ideal, with the perfect winter perfume often having a warmth and depth to it that’s very in keeping with the mood of the season.

One of the best things about choosing a fragrance is that you can often tailor it according to the occasion, with a scent allowing you to set the scene and subsequent spritzes bringing you back to that time. Whether it’s a sensual scent for a romantic evening or a sophisticated fragrance to take you from day-to-night, here are the best winter perfumes to have on your radar.

Best winter perfume for romantic evenings

A romantic evening calls for a fragrance that’s all about sensuality. A great winter perfume is alluring from the introductory top notes and deepens into a powerful base note, setting the scene for the night ahead.

What’s the ideal scent for an evening rendezvous? The his and hers Armani Code perfumes certainly fit the brief. When it comes to men’s winter perfumes, the Armani Code Parfum is a great option, featuring a woody and aromatic blend that is powerfully seductive.

The Armani Code Femme Eau De Parfum is the perfect complementary scent for women, featuring a rich orange blossom top note, heart notes of jasmine and a warming woody base note.

si eau de perfume

Best winter perfume for day-to-night

The good news? Once you find the right scent from the range of winter perfumes available, it will generally have a lot more staying power than a summer fragrance. Winter fragrances tend to have more longevity as you’re not competing with heat and humidity which can impact a scent’s profile.

Finding the ideal winter perfume that will last the entire day also requires a scent that will develop beautifully as the day wears on. A great all-day scent for men is the Acqua Di Gio Parfum, a more intense iteration of its classic summery counterpart. The initial brightness of the floral and marine top notes open up into a smoky, warm fragrance that will easily transition from day to night.

When it comes to winter perfumes for ladies, My Way perfume also has an olfactory journey that takes it from light top notes of bergamot and orange flower that is ideal for day, developing into a heavier, musky scent that’s perfect for the evening. A pro tip for long-lasting fragrance — after spraying perfume on your skin, spritz it on your clothing too, particularly onto natural fabrics such as wool, cotton and cashmere which soak up the scent and allow it to linger much longer.

Best winter perfume for casual, cosy gatherings

When it’s chilly outside there’s nothing better than a night in to catch up with friends. Even if you are hibernating away from the cold, you will no doubt still want to embrace a scent that marks the occasion. Time spent with your nearest and dearest calls for a winter perfume that will evoke fond memories of the time. It’s the perfect opportunity to go bold, opting for a perfume that has depth and warmth.

Sì Eau De Parfum is a woody, spicy scent that’s ideal for winter gatherings. Featuring notes of musky blonde amber wood, which then further deepens into a rich blackcurrant nectar, it’s a warm, inviting scent that has presence but isn’t overpowering. It’s a great choice when it comes to winter perfumes and has a subtle femininity that quickly makes it a favourite.

For men, Eau De Nuit is one of the men’s winter perfumes that has a warmth and richness to it that’s perfect for this time of year. A long-lasting fragrance with woody notes of cedar and amber, along with spicy notes of cardamom and nutmeg, it is winter in a bottle. The ideal scent for a cosy night in.

What’s the difference between eau de parfum and eau de toilette? Consult our handy guide to help you find the ideal winter perfume formulation.


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