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How To Choose The Best Makeup Brushes And Tools

The key to perfect radiance is in the tools you use to apply your makeup products. Makeup brushes vary in material and offer different finishes, including how much coverage is provided, and the precise looks achieved. Face brushes range from foundation brushes to concealer brushes, to the well-loved kabuki brush. The customisation that each one provides empowers you to align you makeup application to your face shape and beauty.

When makeup is applied with the use of professional and high-quality tools, the wear is increased, and the finished look is able to withstand the environmental pressure that occurs throughout each day.

Explore which brushes suit your makeup routine best, and how best to apply them. Your beauty is distinctive to your own essence. Embody it with our range of timeless professional makeup brushes. We show you how to apply makeup with makeup tools, the best makeup brushes for your particular beauty, as well as the best way to clean makeup brushes.

Types of makeup brushes and tools

The makeup brushes that will benefit you most depends on the makeup you use and the style you set out to achieve. Some tools work to shape the facial contour, while others target minor blemishes such as visible veins and redness. By including timeless tools in your routine, you add to the sophistication of your regime and enhance your natural glow. Below are different types of makeup brushes and how to apply them.

Powder brush

Powders like the Luminous Silk Glow Fusion Powder are complexion-enhancing, and when applied correctly leave skin blemish-free and radiant. The perfect match for powder is the powder brush. The oval brush shape is specially designed to sculpt, by following the cheekbones and jawline. Our

Foundation brush

Cream and liquid foundations require smooth application across the skin’s surface in order to sit naturally and promote an inner glow. Foundation brushes like the Blender Brush achieve this through their tapered and slightly oval head, which contours the product across features without depositing heavy amounts. Synthetic fibres are best, in order to achieve a thin veil that perfects complexions without hiding skin.

Concealer brush

The illuminative abilities of concealers can brighten the darker parts of the face and intensify youthful-looking skin. Concealer brushes use precision-enabling shapes that target specific contours. Our Spot Concealer Brush uses a precise tip made from synthetic fibres to target redness, visible veins and discolouration. Use the flat side of the brush to seamlessly blend in concealer for an imperceptible finish.

Angled eye brush

There are two main forms of eyeshadow brush applicators. The first is an angled brush – which focuses on lid application. The angular shape applies shadow to the crease without pushing product too far. Our Angled Eye Brush is made from natural goat hair which perfectly spreads powder textures

Flat eye brush

The second form of eyeshadow brushes is the flat eye brush. A broad shape offers uniform movement of product across the eyelid for a more intuitive application. For enhanced precision, use the Flat Eye Brush, with natural horse hair bristles for better adherence to powder textures.

Kabuki brush

The kabuki brush has maintained its status as a power-tool, because of its amazing buffing abilities. The versatile uses for this brush make it an essential option for seamless makeup application. Our Kabuki Brush is made from soft synthetic material to blend, correct and perfect your looks.

Choosing makeup brushes and tools

Differing makeup application and routines reflect the unique beauty of each of us. Because we don’t use the same route, embody your particular style by opting for the tools that are essential to you, instead of buying sets. This reduces wastage and clutter, and ensures your tools are relevant to your beauty. In addition, your successful application relies on the quality of the brushes that you use. Always ensure you are using a deserved standard of product on your face. Our Maestro range combines the sophisticated Italian design with traditional Japanese elegance for a radiant finish.

How to care for your makeup brushes and tools

Caring for your brushes not only extends the life and use of tools, but ensures that your skin’s health is optimised and protected. When makeup brushes and tools aren’t cleaned, bacteria can transfer onto skin. Clean your essential tools once every two weeks, to protect the materials as well as your skin’s glow. When cleaning, use a mild cleanser or baby soap and gently rub into the brush-head using warm water. Let it dry naturally by laying flat on a clean towel.  

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