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How to Style My Brows: Feathered, Fluffy & Sculpted

Brows define and pronounce your features, bringing your beauty to the forefront. The right shape and style of your brows is determined by your face shape and is perfected with the use of high quality tools.

To embody your unique beauty, explore how our luxe brow shaping tools can help you to achieve the right brow shape. Each eyebrow shape – fluffy, feathered and sculpted – shape the face differently.

To help you create your look, we’ve created a step-by-step guide to determining your shape and creating it. Read below to understand which eyebrow style suits you, and how eyebrow makeup can transform and elevate your makeup routine. 

Choosing eyebrow styles for your face shape

Your makeup is individual to who you are, and should always aim to reflect this. When determining how to style your brows, look to your face shape for guidance. Those with round-shaped faces suit sculpted, higher-arched brows, to lengthen your face. For those with oval-shaped faces where the forehead is slightly larger, feathered brows help to balance your features. Those with a forehead and jawline the same width compliment thick, fluffy brows.

Once you decide on your eyebrow shape, make sure to prep the area around your eyes as the first step before applying eyebrow makeup. Eyebrows work to emphasise and draw attention to the eyes, so treating the skin around it with targeted skincare will ensure those features are radiant and youthful. As part of your skincare routine, apply Crema Nera Light-Reviving Cream onto the skin around eyes, for reduced puffiness and dark circles, and an illuminated eye area.

How to achieve feathered brows

Feathered brows are feminine and soft, and help to enhance natural beauty. Brows are thickened through the use of micro-stroking, which mimic the look of natural hair. This look can be achieved with the use of a brush and a high precision pencil. Read below to discover natural feathered eyebrows.

Brush brows out

In order to execute precise movements, brows require expertly crafted tools. To create a feathered brow, begin by using a professionally designed brush, like the Eye And Brow Maestro Brush, for expert shape and definition. Brush eyebrows upwards and out to create your starting shape. Any sparse areas will be revealed and the loose outline defined.

Create feathered strokes

Using a precise pencil like the High Precision Brow Pencil which includes a micro pencil, make light strokes in small, upwards motions. Each stroke should appear natural in order to achieve the feather stroke brow look. When shaping, start with a slight natural slant, and when moving towards the ends, slant each stroke towards the outer edge.

Blend brows with brush

Once eyebrows are thickened and sparse areas filled in, use the Eye And Brow Maestro Brush to blend and fill in the strokes. This helps to define the shape as a final step, and achieve a soft, natural look.

How to achieve sculpted brows

For those with circular or softer shaped faces, sculpted brows help to extend and define your facial features. This look focuses more on the specific points of the eyebrow, to create definition across the arches. To achieve defined and sculpted brows, use a brush and blendable pencil. Below are steps to define your brows.

Shape brows with a brush

To begin, brush brows out to understand the natural shape with the Eye And Brow Maestro Brush. Then using the brush handle, determine where your brow should start. Hold it along the edge of your nose – where the pencil aligns with the brows is your starting point. Make a light mark a brow pencil. Next, determine your arch by placing the brow brush along the edge of your nose, moving it diagonally across your brow until it aligns with your iris. Mark here for the highest point of your brow. The tail of your brow is where the outer corner of your eye and brow meets. Mark here.

Fill in brows for a sculpted shape

To create a sculpted look, a blendable pencil is needed. The Smooth Silk Brow Pencil fills and refines your brows shape in three natural shades, with a silken formula. Fill in the sparse areas, following the marks to create a sculpted shape. Once achieved, blend and define the shape using your brush.

How to achieve fluffy brows

Fluffy brows provide fullness without creating too much definition. To create this look, the Eye And Brow Maestro Bush can be paired with the Eye And Brow Maestro. This colour pot comes in seven natural shades to pair perfectly with your eyebrow, and creates fullness in brows through its unique creamy texture.

Fill in sparse areas of brows

Begin by brushing brows. The shape to encourage is a wider one – so make sure to brush hair upwards and outwards with only a slight slant. If you have large areas that are sparse, use the High Precision Brow Pencil to fill in only very lightly.

Use a brow colour to create shape

Your brow colour fills in and creates the natural fluffy shape. Using the spoolie end of the Eye And Brow Brush, dab the Eye And Brow Maestro, and brush the hair, following the shape you’ve determined. Brush lighter at the start of your brows to ensure a natural look.

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