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Perfectly applied concealer will cover complexion concerns seamlessly, feel beautiful on skin and look fresh all day. Transitioning from the office to the evening with little to no touch-ups needed, well-applied concealer will look undetectable for hours on end. Even with a concealer that matches your shade and melts into skin effortlessly, learning the proper application techniques can be challenging – and makes all the difference.

How to apply concealer

Flawless concealer application encompasses where to put concealer, how to apply and how you layer it in your makeup regime. Whether you want to conceal blemishes, under eye circles or discolouration, we’ve collated our expert concealer application guide to help you achieve all-day confidence and polish.

What is concealer?

Concealer is a type of highly pigmented liquid base makeup designed to minimise the appearance of skin concerns. Though similar in consistency to foundation, concealer isn’t intended to be used on the whole face - instead, their high pigmentation make them ideal for covering imperfections.

The right foundation and concealer combination can be a powerful pairing to create a flawless complexion with makeup. Create a lit-from-within glow using the Luminous Silk Foundation alongside your favourite Armani Beauty concealer, or choose the Power Fabric+ Full Coverage Liquid Foundation for a lasting, full-coverage look that feels weightless.

How to apply concealer in 4 steps

Though it may seem counterintuitive, less is more when it comes to applying concealer. The highly pigmented nature of a quality concealer means a little goes a long way, but to achieve a perfected base, proper application techniques are key.

  1.   Prepare skin for makeup application with hydrating skincare and a makeup primer.
  2.    Choose a concealer shade and formula suited to your skin type.
  3.   Apply and blend concealer to create flawless base makeup.
  4.    Lock in the look with face powder and setting spray.

Ahead, uncover how to implement these steps into your makeup routine.

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Step 1: Prep the skin

The first step in how to apply concealer is proper skin preparation. A daily skincare regimen is a must, but skin prep steps for a flawless makeup base can be implemented immediately before applying makeup to support a smooth finish and a long-lasting look.

  1.   Cleanse the skin with a gentle face wash.
  2.   Nourish the complexion with a hydrating moisturiser.
  3.   Enhance skin protection with broad spectrum SPF.
  4.   Achieve a smooth canvas for makeup application with a face primer.

Step 2: Choose a concealer

When it comes to selecting concealer, there are two important considerations: colour and formula. Both skin type and desired finish influence which concealer formula can best support your skin’s needs.

  •   For oily or combination skin types, or to create a full coverage look, choose a highly pigmented concealer formula with a velvety matte finish like the Power Fabric Concealer.
  •   To create luminescent base makeup, or for those with dry skin, look for hydrating concealers formulated with skincare ingredients, such as the Luminous Silk Lightweight Liquid Concealer.

In terms of how to choose concealer colour, look for a shade similar in depth to your skin – deep, medium, or fair, with undertones that match your complexion: neutral, cool, or warm. Under the eyes, a shade or two fairer than your skin can help to brighten the area. For the rest of the face, aim for an exact shade match.

Step 3: Apply concealer

For as long as it has existed, where to apply concealer within a makeup routine has been debated; do you put concealer on before or after foundation? To get the most out of each product, starting with foundation means concealer can be applied only where it’s needed. Now, where do you put concealer to support different kinds of imperfections?

  •   Concealing dark spots and blemishes requires precise application, so use a spot concealer brush to place concealer over the desired areas, then blend in a tapping motion with the ring finger.

  •   Concealing under eye circles needs strategic concealer application. Use a small brush to place just a touch of concealer at the inner and outer corners of the eyes, then blend upwards to create a lifted effect.

  •   Concealing discolouration may call for building coverage - apply concealer to areas where discolouration is visible through foundation, diffuse using a blender brush, adding more product as needed.

Step 4: Set the look

Once foundation and concealer have been applied, proper setting techniques using quality products can support powerful staying power. Use a large, fluffy makeup brush to dust the face with a light layer of  face powder, then lock in the look with a misting of the Prima Refreshing Makeup Fix. This refreshing finishing spray can be applied over makeup or to bare skin, providing a veil of hydration that can help maintain a soft feel and lasting nourishment.

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