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How To Apply Eyeshadow: Step By Step

A natural eye makeup look heightens sophistication and draws attention to your features. By using application techniques alongside luxurious products and tools, you can elevate your beauty easily with simple eyeshadow looks alone.

Your eye area includes contours and features that can be deepened or highlighted to enhance your look. We explain how to do eyeshadow with confidence, so that eye looks can become a part of your daily makeup routine.

Below are easy eyeshadow looks in a step by step guide. Learn how to put on eyeshadow for your eye shape, as well as simple tips to take your eye makeup looks from day to night. Our products deliver delicate and alluring as well as bold and dramatic styles, for whatever mood you want to express.

Read on for step by step eye makeup looks, with our transformative and precision giving tools.

How to apply eyeshadow for your eye shape

Makeup application should follow and enhance the natural shape of the wearer’s features. Remember that the best makeup looks for hooded eyes differ to those with close set eyes – to achieve your desired affect, your natural form should always be the focus.

For those with close set eyes, using highlighter or light tones on the inner corners of each eye will brighten and create space. Wide set eyes can create balance by applying eyeshadow on the inner lids and by filling in the waterline.

The size of almond shaped eyes can be enhanced with light-coloured eyeshadow palettes – when creating a bold look, focus mainly on the outer edges of eyelids. Hooded eyes tend to be narrower, so using brown, burgundy or purple palettes will maximise width and allure. Monolid eyes suit mascara and eyeliner, as well as metallic eyeshadow tones.

How to apply simple eyeshadow looks

Knowing how to put on eyeshadow comes down to the confident application of simple and subtle steps. To achieve your desired look, make sure to use precision-giving tools in the correct order. When applying eyeshadow to your eyelid crease and inner corner of the eye, use an angled brush like the professionally-designed Angled Eye Brush, made with 100% natural goat hair for optimal setting. For the lid and outer edges, a flat brush like the precise Flat Eye Brush gives perfect colour application.

For eyeshadow looks step by step, read below.

Step one: Prep eye area with primer

The skin around eyes is thinner and requires proper prepping in order to support makeup throughout the day. Before applying eye makeup, dab a moisturising primer on the lid and under the eyes to create a flawless makeup canvas. If you want to address dark circles or fine lines, the Luminous Silk Hydrating Primer reduces puffiness and signs of ageing for instantly luminous skin. Allow a few seconds to fully absorb into skin.

Step two: Choose your eyeshadow base

Your eyeshadow base sits uniformly across your eyelid. The tones and colours that work best as bases are neutral shades which align with your skin tone. Once picked, use the Flat Eye Brush to seamlessly blend your chosen palette colour, like from the Eyes To Kill Eye Quattro Palette, across your lid.

Step three: Define the crease

The upper eyelid crease is where the skin underneath your brow rests above your lid. Using a colour in your palette one to two shades darker than your base, add depth to your crease, applying the colour with the Angled Eye Brush. This will begin to create contrast and definition to your eyeshadow look. Then, using the Flat Eye Brush, blend in a circular motions, focusing mainly on the crease.

Step four: Lighten lid with highlighter

To continue creating depth to your overall tone, dab a lighter colour or highlighter like the Eyes To Kill Solo Eyeshadow in shade twelve onto the centre of your lid and towards your inner corner. Lightly use your finger to avoid blending.

Step five: Add detail to outer and inner corners

For your inner corners, opt for a metallic powder like those in the Eyes To Stellar Eye Shadow range. Using the Angled Eye Brush, dab your preferred shade into each corner. For the outer corners, use a deeper tone than your base and lightly apply in a ‘V’ shape. Blend out in small circular motions.

Step six: Highlight under brows

In addition to your eyes, eyeshadow draws attention to your eyebrows and brow area. To define your browbone, lightly dust a highlighter that doesn’t contrast too starkly to your skin tone along and underneath your eyebrow.

Step 7: Finish with mascara

To complete your easy eye makeup and add drama with definition, always finish your routine with a longwear mascara. Sweep lashes with a volumising mascara or lengthening mascara.

Transform your eyeshadow from day to night

A masterful makeup look can seamlessly transition from day to night with just a few touches. Using longwear, professionally designed makeup products ensures that all you need to shift your eye makeup style is through an added touch. Change the mood of your eye makeup by lining just above the lash line with a highly defined liner like the Eyes To Kill Designer Eyeliner. For a bolder look, also apply to your waterline, or use a striking magnetic liner like the Smooth Silk Eye Pencil .

Now that you know how to apply eyeshadow, learn how to style your brows.


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