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Which Armani Prive perfume suits you best?

Our haute couture collection of perfumes, Armani Prive has gained a cult following from those who love bespoke scents. Inspired by the same ethos that underpins the luxury fashion of Giorgio Armani, each fragrance evokes the fundamentals of couture. Feminine, masculine and unisex perfumes are all included in this range of popular perfumes.

When choosing a signature scent or the latest addition to your fragrance collection, there a number of factors to consider. The perfume type, fragrance notes, seasonality and style all determine which scent is best matched to you.

To discover how to choose perfume and find your best Armani Prive scent, read on. We detail the features of popular perfumes including Armani Prive Pivoine Suzhou and Armani Prive Vert Malachite ahead.

How to choose perfume

Perfumes are personal and sensorial, but there are still general guidelines that can help you to find the right one. Considering how you wear your perfume is an important first step. Do you want your fragrance to enhance or uplift certain moods, or to be used as an everyday step in your beauty routine? Alongside the use for each scent, other considerations include:

  • Concentration: the terms EDT (Eau De Toilette) and EDP (Eau De Parfum) refer to the level of fragrance oil present in perfumes. For those who like stronger and bolder scents, EDP has a higher concentration of around 15-30%. EDT has lighter molecules and a fresher profile, with a concentration of 8-15%.

  • Scent profile: all perfumes belong to a scent profile. Fresh, floral, warm and mineral scents each offer unique references, and can be feminine, masculine and unisex. This consideration is highly personal – for those who prefer warmer tones, certain florals or wood perfumes like Armani Privé Oud Royal Eau De Parfum are ideal. If you prefer to be energised by your scent, a mineral or fresh fragrance might align with your preferences.

  • Seasonality: you may be surprised to learn that the time of year affects the wearability of your scent. In summer, fresher scents with less layering are better able to sit on skin. On the other hand, cooler months work well with warmer, heavier oils. Hopeful, blossoming notes like florals complement springtime.

  • Find your Armani Prive perfume

    Beautiful, unique and bespoke, the range of popular perfumes in the Armani Prive collection each speak to different moods. The best Armani Prive perfume for you will reflect how you’d like to wear your perfume and which expressions you prefer. To find your next Armani Prive perfume, view our breakdown of scent profiles ahead.

    Fresh scents

    Invigorating and refreshing, fresh scents have the power to uplift moods. There are usually references to nature within each profile – such as aqua, citrus fruits and rock. the fresh scents in Armani Prive are inspired by specific locations in the Mediterranean, and offer sparkling top, heart and base notes. One of the unisex scents in the collection, Armani Privé Cyprès Pantelleria Eau De Toilette combines aqua and sea foam with cypress trees and volcanic rocks, to unite sea and land.

    For those who like to incorporate contrasting notes, Armani Privé Thé Yulong Soie De Nacre balances the smokiness of wood with green tea, mandarin and lime. Taking inspiration from the Yunnan region, this fresh scent is infused with pearls to illuminate the skin when worn.

    Floral scents

    Floral scents are some of the most popular perfumes because of their wide-ranging application. Depending on the flower or bouquet used, a floral perfume can be either delicate or bold. Armani Privé Vert Malachite Eau De Parfum is a delicate scent that still has long-lasting range thanks to its EDP concentration. Elegant and feminine, lily and white flowers make up the bouquet, with a base note of bitter orange and vanilla to round out the scent.

    A fruity and floral fragrance, Armani Prive Pivione Suzhou Eau De Toilette contains a bolder blooming sensation. Referencing the Suzhou gardens in China, this unisex perfume combines sparkling peonies with softer, seductive musk.

    Warm scents

    Deep and sensual, warm scents are perfect for long summer evenings or to uplift warmth in cooler weather. Warm perfumes can include a range of notes, like floral, woods and musk, but are built together with more complex bodies. A unisex perfume, Armani Privé Musc Shamal Intense Fragrance infuses cedarwood with opulent rose, to create radiant sensuality. Created to evoke desert winds, this long-lasting fragrance uses EDP intense concentrations.

    Another unisex fragrance, Armani Privé Encens Satin uses frankincense for warmth and does not contain florals. This scent is both wood and spice based, with notes of vanilla and amber to create balance.

    Mineral scents

    Exhilarating and reenergising, mineral scents have enough depth to be year-round perfumes. An integral part of the Armani Prive perfume collection, these scents are distinctive and speak to the couture ethos. Bleu Lazuli incorporates mineral notes from the sea with incense inspired by Indian spice markets, for a captivating and spiritual essence.

    The duo scent Bleu Turquoise is also inspired by India and of sea and sky. The deep combination of salty mineral accords and addictive vanilla helps to create a unique and unisex fragrance.

    Now that you know how to choose the best Armani Prive perfume scent, discover how to build your fragrance wardrobe next.


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