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Nude lipstick rivals a bold red hue as the most classic lip look of all time. Providing a refined glamour that suits any makeup style or fashion choice, a flattering nude is an essential addition to any beauty kit. Though it creates a simple kind of elegance, finding the perfect nude lipstick shade is no simple task. The best nude lipstick shades complement your skin’s undertones to create a lit-from-within glow, while the wrong shade can result in a lacklustre, muted look. Ahead, learn how to find your perfect nude lipstick and discover your shade with our nude lipstick guide for skin tones.

Lipstick shades to suit every tone

How to find your perfect nude lipstick

There’s no one-shade-fits-all when it comes to nude lipsticks, so in terms of how to choose nude lipsticks, there’s a few important considerations. Firstly, the depth of your skin tone impacts how dark or light your nude lipstick shade should be. While a too-pale shade may wash you out, a lipstick that’s more than 1-2 shades deeper than your skin tone no longer reads as a nude. Similarly, the undertones of a nude lipstick can influence the appearance of a makeup look. Nude lipstick shades that share value with your skin’s undertones (warm, cool, or neutral) can create a natural cohesion.

How to choose nude lipstick for your skin tone

The best nude lipsticks bring out your inner radiance. To find your perfect nude lipstick, look for colours 1-2 shades deeper than your skin tone and hues with similar undertones to your skin:

  • A variety of shades can flatter those with neutral undertones.
  • Those with warm undertones can find harmony with nude lipsticks that have peach or golden undertones.
  • The best nude lipsticks for cool undertones have blue-based pigments, like dusty pinks or nutty brown hues.

It’s also important to consider your preferred formula and finish and how this impacts your makeup look.

Read on for our favourite Armani nude lipstick shades for each skin tone.

Nude lipstick for fair skin tones

Nude lipstick for fair skin tones

For those with fair skin, nude lipstick shades slightly deeper than your skin tone tend to enhance your natural colouring, while subtle pink hues can add dimension to your lip look. The Lip Power Lipstick collection has a variety of pink based nude lipstick shades with a lasting satin finish.

  • Neutral undertones: The shade Romanza has a muted peachy hue with vivid pigmentation that flatters neutral toned, fair skin.
  • Cool undertones: Selfless complements cool undertones with a light dusty pink colour that looks elegant against fair skin.
  • Warm undertones: With a hint of gold uplifting this coral nude colour, Androgino is perfectly suited to those fair skinned makeup lovers with warmth in their undertones.

  • Nude lipstick for medium skin tones

    Nude lipstick shades with blush pink hues or caramel tones complement medium skin beautifully. Look for nude lipstick shades to match your natural lip colour or select a shade just slightly deeper.

  • Neutral undertones: Nuda is the ultimate neutral toned nude lipstick shade for medium skin, balancing beige and pink in a velvety matte finish.
  • Cool undertones: Blue based pink nude lipstick shades are ideal for cool undertoned skin, and the shade Eccentrico has just the right amount of depth to suit medium skin.
  • Warm undertones: For an elegant finishing touch on your makeup look, try an auburn hued nude lipstick shade such as Venetian Red.

  • Nude lipstick for deep skin tones

    Contrast creates a high impact style, so if you have a deep skin tone, a wider scope of nude lipstick shades can suit you. The Lip Maestro Lipstick collection includes almost 50 shades of pigmented lip colours in a comfortable, luminescent formula with a stain like finish.

  • Neutral undertones: Those with a deep, neutral skin colour can create a timeless look with true brown nude lipstick shades like Dodge.
  • Cool undertones: Opulent, chocolate lip colours like Palazzo add chic dimension to a makeup look for those with a deep, cool skin tone.
  • Warm undertones: Cedar falls beautifully against deep skin tones, with a warm brick hue, this nude lipstick shade delivers a touch of drama.

  • Now you know how to find your perfect nude lipstick shades, make them last by learning our tips for the best application method for long lasting lipstick.


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