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Makeup for Oily Skin: A Step-by-Step Routine

Navigating makeup for oily skin can be difficult – and finding products that complement your skin rather than emphasising an overly shiny complexion is not always simple. It can seem like touching up makeup throughout the day is essential – especially in summer, which means carrying your makeup bag with you everywhere you go. However, having oily skin doesn’t mean that a flawless, satin makeup look is unattainable. With a little extra care and some knowledge of which products help manage oil production, a seamless makeup finish can be yours. Learn all about how to prep oily skin for makeup, which products are best to use and how to apply them in our step-by-step guide.

How to prep oily skin for makeup

Skin prep is essential to achieving beautiful, lasting makeup for oily skin. Excess oil is caused by the overproduction of sebum from the skin’s sebaceous glands. Because of this, it’s important to thoroughly cleanse your skin before applying makeup. Skin cleansers formulated specifically for oily skin are perfect for paring back excess oil and returning the skin to a balanced, clean slate.

After cleansing, proceed with the rest of your skincare routine, including serums, moisturiser and SPF. Although you may think wearing moisturiser will make your skin oily, it’s an important stage of skin prep. When the skin is hydrated and balanced, excess oil production is minimised, avoiding that shiny appearance and helping makeup for oily skin sit better.

How to apply makeup on oily skin

Makeup for oily skin is widely available in a range of formulations from fine powders, to creams, to liquids. The best foundation for oily skin will depend on your preferred application and finish. In general, it’s best to use foundations made with oily skin types in mind which have been formulated to not clog pores or sit on the surface of the skin. When it comes to how to apply makeup on oily skin, a light hand is recommended to allow skin to breathe. Experiment with using a smaller quantity of product in targeted areas. With the correct products, oily skin can be minimised to achieve a healthy, satin makeup finish.

Step 1: Lightweight primer

Priming the skin is a makeup for oily skin essential, allowing makeup to stay on all day without becoming excessively shiny. Applying the Luminous Silk Hydrating Primer to your face using clean fingertips will smooth, moisturise and prep your face for makeup application. Lightweight and radiant, this primer will enable your skin to look glowing without the oiliness.

Step 2: Foundation for oily skin

After skin prep, apply your foundation either by buffing it into the skin or using a damp sponge. Choosing the best foundation for oily skin is essential for a light, natural finish. If a foundation is used that is too heavy or suited for drier skin tones, the result will look cakey and may separate throughout the day due to excessive oil production. Armani beauty’s Luminous Silk Foundation is lightweight, suitable for all skin types and oil free, allowing those with oily skin to achieve a radiant appearance with minimal makeup.

Step 3: Use concealer to brighten

The next step to achieving the best makeup for oily skin is to brighten the under eye area and cover any imperfections with concealer. Our pick is the Luminous Silk Lightweight Concealer which pairs seamlessly with the rest of the Luminous Silk collection. Like the Luminous Silk Foundation, this concealer is medium coverage, allowing for brightening, highlighting, and concealing without heaviness. Infused with caffeine and vitamin E, the Luminous Silk Lightweight Concealer aims to reduce dark circles and brighten not only from the outside, but from within. Due to the lightweight nature of the concealer, it will not crease between fine lines around the eyes.

Step 4: Set makeup for a satin finish

Setting liquid base products with a mattifying powder is a vital step in applying makeup for oily skin. Powder sets makeup and absorbs excess oil on the skin, helping makeup stay in place and last all day. If you want a radiant, healthy glow rather than a matte makeup look, the Luminous Silk Glow Fusion Face Powder is for you. This powder sets makeup without sacrificing the glowing appearance, allowing for a soft, luminous, and long-lasting look

Step 5: Adding colour and definition to the face and eyes

When adding colour to your face with blush and bronzer, both powder and cream products are suited to makeup for oily skin types. Powders will blend and sit nicely on top of the setting powder applied in the step before and will be long-lasting. Alternatively, cream blushes such as the Neo Nude A-Blush will blend seamlessly with the skin.

Sweeping bronzer across the temples, cheekbones and jawline adds definition and a warm glow to the face. Applying blush to the apples of the cheeks will give a rosy, and natural flush. Proceed with mascara and complete your look by applying your favourite shade of Rouge D'armani Matte Lipstick.

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