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Radiant skin care routine for dull skin

Often mistaken for dryness, dull skin is actually its own skin symptom with its own causes and triggers. A dull complexion is encouraged by both external and internal stressors, and without the proper care can affect the look and feel of skin for the long term.

All skin types can experience this symptom, so it’s important to understand the motivators and have the right skincare routine for dull skin in place when it occurs. As with most skin concerns, a focus on powerful ingredients and a holistic relationship with self care can help to address and reduce dull skin.

Armani Beauty’s range of formulas supports the revitalised strength and beauty of skin. To build your radiant skin care routine, we’ve compiled the essential steps and application methods below. Understand the causes of dullness in skin and the best in luxurious skincare ahead.

Symptoms of dull skin

Luminous and firmed skin takes a combination of topical products and lifestyle habits to maintain. Unfortunately, things can go wrong, and when they do it’s often out of our control. Dull skin is a good example of this – whether you have dry, oily, mature or acne-prone skin, dullness is a recurring potentiality. Features of a dull complexion include:

  • Rough textured skin
  • Tightness
  • A flaky or ashen appearance
  • Discomfort
  • Uneven, muted skin tone

Why skin looks dull

What causes dull skin is a mixture of biological triggers and environmental exposures. As with anything worth looking after, this organ requires checking in to maintain the optimal health. Dryness may share many of the same features as dull skin, but it’s usually caused by a lack of moisture on skin. For how to get radiant skin for the long-term, it’s helpful to understand the motivators behind dullness.

Internal stressors

One of the more difficult causes to pinpoint, internal changes to body such as hormonal shifts or stress usually become apparent when it’s already too late. By staying in tune with changes to your body and eating a nutrient-rich diet, your body can be best prepared to combat these changes. Often, skin looks dull because of the following internal changes:

Dead skin cells: a build-up of dead skin cells is the causer of that ashen or flaky appearance in skin. Dead cells are a healthy component of the skin cell life cycle, but when left to sit on the top layer of skin reduce luminosity. Dead skin cell build-ups are related to age as cells take longer to renew over time, but the cycle can be encouraged through certain skincare ingredients.

Dehydration: A lack of water causes the skin barrier to become compromised, which encourages a sallow and dulled appearance in skin. A reduced amount of hydration can also cause each layer of skin to reduce in thickness. Thinned, fragile skin then isn’t able to reflect light as well.

External stressors

If you notice an increase in dull skin during the dryer seasons, you’re not alone. Environmental aggressors are mostly outside of our control, but a robust radiant skin care routine can help to protect your skin against the elements. Dull complexion causes can usually be attributed to the following stressors:

Weather: harsh, dry weather conditions actually pull moisture from skin, causing dehydration, and as a result, dullness. Humid weather can promote radiance in skin because of the levels of moisture in the air help to keep moisture levels up, but biting winters and arid summers do the opposite.

Oxidisation: sun damage and pollution can cause ‘free radicals’ in skin, which depletes skin strength and cause pigmentation. When complexions are uneven and the texture of skin suffers, the ability for light to be reflected lessens, causing a dull complexion.

Radiant skin care routine

Alongside daily SPF application, prioritising sleep and supporting skin with multivitamin supplements, radiant skin care helps to ensure your complexion is light-reflective and luminous. To improve dull skin, focus on these three core routines.

1. Establish an exfoliating regime

Whilst skin naturally exfoliates itself, using a supportive exfoliant helps to remove any build-up of dead skin cells and encourages a healthy skin renewal cycle. Cleansers and exfoliators go hand-in-hand here, by clearing oxidising impurities so that dead skin can properly be removed. Start with the clarifying Crema Nera Supreme Foam-In-Cream Cleansing Moisturiser to reduce the effects of environmental stressors. Radiance-boosting Crema Nera Terra Pantelleria can then be used to renew cellular regeneration through gentle exfoliation.

2. Use efficacious formulas

Serums have the unique ability to permeate the deep layers of skin, thanks to their water-like texture. Providing nutrient-rich formulas topically is an important part of your skincare routine for dull skin, as it helps to strengthen the skin barrier which can then better retain moisture. Supreme Reviving Serum is an anti-ageing product that helps to correct complexions for a brighter and more youthful skin tone.

3. Moisturise daily

Proper hydration completes your skincare for dull skin. This also helps to address sallowness and fine lines, which can exacerbate dullness in skin. Crema Nera Neocream infuses skin with actives and ensures that skin’s metabolism is optimised. In dryer weather, supplement skin’s natural moisture levels with a nourishing face mask like Crema Nera Instant Reviving Cream Face Mask.

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