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Our Guide To Sustainable Fragrance

At a time where environmental and ecological consciousness is increasing, the beauty industry has been taking significant strides towards greater sustainability practices and transparency. Armani beauty is therefore committed to embracing sustainable beauty, making eco-friendly choices in each aspect of our products - from conception to design to delivery.

Fragrance, with its power to captivate, entice and evoke, plays an integral role in our lives, and has therefore been a priority in our pursuit of sustainable beauty. From eco-friendly fragrances to sustainable perfume packaging, here is how to build a fragrance wardrobe with sustainability and environmental consciousness at its heart.

Guide To Sustainable Fragrance

What is eco-friendly fragrance?

First, we need to understand the goals of ‘green beauty’ as a whole. The term speaks to a movement that aims to achieve sustainability and greater ethical practices in the cosmetics industry.

At their essence, eco-friendly fragrances are purposely formulated, designed and developed with an unwavering commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable beauty. These fragrances move beyond their potential to evoke, stir and enchant - they are created with a careful and precise consideration for our planet.

This includes thoughtful consideration for their ingredients, production methods, sustainable perfume packaging and ensuring these aspects are aligned with the principles of green beauty. Armani beauty holds a firm belief that luxury should not come at the expense of our Earth, environment and ecology, and our eco-friendly fragrances reflect this philosophy. This ethos is therefore mirrored in our collection of sustainable fragrances, each embodied by a harmony of luxury and nature, and a dutiful commitment to environmental mindfulness.

Key features of eco-friendly fragrances

The world of fragrance is evolving, and so are our expectations in this space. Here are some of the key green beauty features we have considered in the design, formulation and production of our eco-friendly fragrances:

  • Ethical ingredient sourcing: Eco-friendly fragrances start with natural and ethically sourced ingredients. This translates to botanicals being harvested responsibly, without adding harm to ecosystems or exploiting local workforces.
  • Considered production: The production of sustainable fragrance prioritises reducing environmental impact and utilising energy-efficient manufacturing processes.
  • Sustainable packaging: Packaging plays a vital role in sustainable beauty. Armani beauty therefore selects materials that not only look and feel luxurious, but also carry a reduced environmental impact.

Ethical ingredient sourcing

Fragrant ingredients such as botanicals and essential oils are at the heart of every perfume and cologne. For a sustainable fragrance, the journey begins with how these ingredients are sourced. Armani beauty’s strict formulation philosophy is bound by our dedication to quality, using ethically sourced plant-based ingredients which align to, and are in dialogue with, the natural world.

For example, the orange blossom note in Armani beauty’s My Way Floral Eau De Parfum is extracted from hand-picked bitter orange fruits in Egypt, and delicately blended with hand-picked tuberose from the Indian region of Mysore. Its base note features vanilla sourced entirely through a sustainable and responsible program designed to support local communities within Madagascar.

In terms of fragrance for men, the signature of Armani beauty’s Acqua Di Giò Eau De Parfum scent is derived from its Guatemalan patchouli, sustainably harvested through solidarity programs that work to support local communities.

Eco friendly fragrances

Considered production

Producing sustainable perfume and sustainable fragrances involves a comprehensive and rigorous approach that considers every step of the manufacturing process. This is precisely why Armani beauty has looked to improve energy efficiency and use 100% renewable energy, with a firm commitment to achieve carbon neutrality in all its manufacturing sites by 2025.

With eco-conception at its core, Armani beauty’s My Way Perfume For Her is manufactured with a clear commitment to a more sustainable future. With forest preservation programs in Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Peru and Brazil, more than 15,000 hectares of primary forest have been preserved since the iconic fragrance was launched.

Sustainable packaging

Packaging is more than simply a luxurious exterior… It's a bold statement of our commitment to the care of our planet. Sustainable perfume packaging involves a combination of leveraging recycled glass, plastic and metals for initial product development, with certified paper and cardboard packaging sourced from sustainably managed forests. But it doesn’t stop there - Armani beauty has introduced a refillable bottle system for its most decadent fragrances to empower and enable our loyal customers to make sustainable beauty a simple part of their everyday.

Consider the iconic Armani Code Parfum, with its seductive signature Brazilian-sourced tonka bean scent, capturing fresh perfume notes of iris, sage and bergamot. We now invite Armani Code loyalists to consider refilling their favourite fragrance with the 150ml Armani Code Parfum Refill Bottle. This process saves 38% glass, 67% metal, and 20% plastic.* The 150ml system is also available for My Way Parfum Refill Bottle and the Acqua Di Giò Eau De Parfum Refill Bottle.

*1x 75ml + 1 x 150ml vs 3 x 75ml.

Sustainability matters at Armani beauty

Sustainable beauty is not merely another trend - it’s a fundamental value system that guides and governs our decisions. Armani beauty believes in designing and manufacturing products that empower people to feel their best while simultaneously making conscious choices for the betterment of the planet. Our journey in sustainable fragrances has been a real testament to this philosophy.

We therefore strive to be transparent about what’s behind our products - meticulously listing and detailing how our natural ingredients are used in formulation, how sustainability translates through to our packaging and how our production and manufacturing efforts reflect a persistent and uncompromising respect for the natural world.

Now that you know about sustainable fragrance, discover how to choose a signature perfume scent


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