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How to Choose Foundation for Your Skin Tone

The correct foundation can help you achieve a flawless complexion and support the wear of other makeup products. To perfect this step, look to skin preparation alongside foundation formulas for skin type and tone.

Foundation for your skin tone

Developing a good skin preparation routine will help support the look and longevity of your makeup, as will taking steps to prevent makeup transferring throughout the day. But the key to a perfect base is finding a foundation shade that matches your skin tone exactly. Between coverage, shade, undertone, and finish – foundation options are endless.

Whether your preferred makeup style is natural, full coverage, or somewhere in-between, Armani beauty’s extensive range makes finding your perfect foundation formula possible. Read on for how to colour match foundation and achieve impeccable results every time.

The breakdown on foundation formulas

Each different foundation formula creates a distinct look on the skin. So before you start looking for your foundation colour match, it’s important to consider your preferred coverage style. Broadly, foundations can help create a sheer, dewy, or matte appearance.

  • Sheer finish: The lightest coverage formulation, sheer foundations offer a ‘no-makeup makeup’ finish on skin. The lightweight, adaptable formula of the Neo Nude Natural Glow Foundation is infused with hyaluronic acid to help support your skin and maintain a glowing, hydrated look.
  • Dewy finish: Similar to sheer foundations, dewy coverage products illuminate and brighten skin. Perfect for dry skin types, this formula offers slightly more coverage whilst still providing a glowy base. The Luminous Silk Foundation comes in forty glowing, satin finish shades that  can achieve a flawless complexion on all skin types.
  • Matte finish: For skin types which naturally appear shiny and experience an excess of oil flow, matte finish foundations provide the perfect coverage. The Power Fabric+ Full Coverage Liquid Foundation gives a transfer resistant, natural matte finish with SPF 20 for sun protection.
  • Foundation for your skin

    How to colour match foundation to your skin

    As our skin concerns evolve throughout the year, so too does our skin tone. Changes in sun exposure, weather, and time spent indoors all have an effect on the appearance of skin colouration. It’s important to colour match foundation to your skin tone each time you purchase a new bottle. For how to choose foundation colours, follow the following steps:

    1. Cleanse and moisturise your face before testing foundation colours. 
    2. Evaluate your skin’s undertones and choose foundation with a similar hue.
    3. Natural lighting will help you find your truest foundation match to skin tone.

    See below for step-by-step guidance in choosing the right toned foundation for your skin.

    1. Shop with bare skin

    When choosing foundation, the goal is to find a shade that matches your true skin tone, rather than your current foundation - so going makeup free is imperative. If you’re shopping in store, cleanse and moisturise your face before you leave home. With Armani beauty’s virtual try on tool, it’s possible to find a true shade match online. To find your perfect shade, just use your live camera or upload a photo to see how different foundations will look on your skin. For best results, ensure your face is clean and use natural lighting when using the camera.

    2. Understand your undertones

    To achieve a flawless foundation match, skin tone and undertone must both be taken into account. Skin tone refers to the depth of your skin colouring; fair, light, medium, or dark. On the other hand, undertones are the hues that come from underneath the surface of your skin – they can be cool, warm, or neutral. Your best foundation shade match will share values of your skin’s undertones. If you’re unsure of your undertones, there’s a simple trick to figuring them out. First, evaluate the veins on the underside of your wrist:

  • If they are blue or purple in colour, you have cool undertones. Cool undertones best suit foundation shades with a pink, red or blue base.

  • Green hues indicate you have warm undertones. If your skin has warm undertones, opt for foundation shades that have a peach, yellow or golden base colour.

  • If it’s hard to tell, or somewhere in-between, you likely have neutral undertones. This undertone calls for foundations that sit somewhere in-between – look for peach or slightly golden hued formulas.

  • 3. Swatch in natural lighting

    Foundation shades that look similar to your skin tone in natural lighting are preferred. Swatch 3-4 foundation shades on your cheek near the jawline and stand near a window to evaluate which shade matches your skin tone best. The jawline is an ideal placement for swatches because skin colour isn’t consistent across the face and neck, so it’s best to choose a foundation shade that suits both areas.

    Now you know how to colour match foundation, learn how to get glowing skin next!


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