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Lipstick Looks & Trends for Every Season

Lip makeup is one of the simplest ways to elevate your style or tie a makeup look together. Eye makeup had a major moment when face masks were commonplace, but now it’s time to update makeup kits with everything needed for a statement lip look. There are some consistent trends when it comes to lipstick: a bold red lip remains a timeless classic, and a sheer, natural lip always deserves a place in rotation. Perfecting these eternal looks is a part of signature style – but keeping up with seasonal lipstick trends can prove harder to stay on top of. So, what’s on trend in the new year and how can you create current lipstick looks?

Lipstick trends

Lip looks: what’s on trend?

The trend towards minimal makeup in the past two years is starting to make way for brighter and bolder lipstick looks. Now that social events are back in full swing, lipstick trends are leaning towards a maximalist approach. As the new year approaches, vampy coloured ombre lips are on trend, as well as vibrant high shine lip gloss looks. 90s brown lipstick reappeared as one of the major lipstick trends of 2022. Amani beauty unpacks how to achieve everlasting lip looks and the lip trends that are having their moment in 2023.

How to achieve our favourite lip looks

When deciding on lipstick looks to create, start off by determining what shade of lipstick suits you best. For perfect lipstick application, we recommend ensuring your makeup kit includes these staple items:

  • A small rounded eyeliner brush with synthetic bristles; this makes for easy lip makeup application and precision blending.

  • A creamy lip liner in a shade as close as possible to your natural lips - we love the Smooth Silk Lip Pencil.
best Lipstick look

The red lip

The red lip is arguably the most iconic lipstick look. While a simple style, it can be hard to get just right. Red lipstick looks best when using a shade that compliments your skin’s undertones. To ensure yours is a perfect fit, the Lip Maestro collection has a wide array of red lipsticks to suit every skin tone. This collection delivers intense lip colour in a long lasting, velvety matte finish. To make a statement, pair your red lipstick makeup look with sharp winged eyeliner and natural makeup. If you prefer deep red shades, learn how to wear dark red lipstick for a high impact look.

The barely-there lip

Creating a makeup look that elevates natural beauty has become a trend of its own in recent years. The key to a barely-there lip is in choosing a sheer lipstick shade slightly darker than your natural lip. This will enhance natural lip tones while staying true to a subtle makeup style. Neo Nude Ecstasy Balm is the best sheer lipstick for this style, as it brings together the care of a lip balm and the shine of a gloss for a veil of nourishing colour. Barely-there lip colours can look great with most makeup looks but are especially suited to dewy base makeup and a neutral eye look.

The 90's lip

A notorious 90s lipstick trend, brown lipstick is a singularly chic lip style. Complete the look with a smudged smoky eye for all-out 90s style.  To achieve the 90s brown lipstick look, choose a shade that creates contrast with your skin – aim for colour that are darker than your skin tone. The Lip Power Lipstick collection has a satin finish brown lipstick to suit all skin tones.

  • Those with fair skin might prefer a taupe-like brown.
  • Deep brown shades can suit medium and olive skin tones.
  • For those with a dark skin tone, try pale browns or red toned shades.

The lacquered lip

A high shine lip gloss can both add a sense of power and create a playful, feminine style in summer and spring. The best lip gloss for this season’s trends are those with high-lacquer finishes. Ecstasy Lacquer Lip Gloss has the staying power of a lip stain whilst maintaining a lacquered appearance. The non-sticky liquid lipstick formula is available in 24 hydrating shades that deliver intense colour and remain comfortable on the lip. Pair a lacquered lip with neutral eye shadows or mirror your lip colour with shimmery eye makeup.

The ombre lip

Dark ombre lips are on trend, and they’re perfect for promoting fullness and volume. Matte lipsticks are less likely to blend into each other on the lip, so they are ideal for maintaining the dual tone of ombre lips. The Rouge D'armani Matte Lipstick collection provides intense yet comfortable colour that lasts. To create an ombre look, four steps are involved:

  1. Choose two lipsticks with 1-2 shades difference.
  2. Take your natural-coloured lip liner and slightly overline your lips.
  3. Use a small synthetic makeup brush to apply the darker lipstick shade to the outer part of your lips.
  4. Then take your lighter lipstick and fill in the centre of your lips, use the brush to blend the two shades together where they meet.  

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