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How to: Natural Makeup Looks for Warmer Weather

Currently trending (and with no signs of slowing down), natural makeup looks may seem like a subtler everyday choice – but the style frequently graces magazine covers, runways and the sculpted faces of celebrities. With a focus on enhanced skin, golden hues and soft tones, searches surrounding how do to natural makeup continue to grow.

Especially in warmer weather, natural eye makeup and base products take precedence. Skin benefits in summer when it’s able to breath – and the applications and formulations specific to this makeup look are lightweight, skin-boosting and usually non-comedogenic (meaning they won’t block pores).

While natural makeup looks appear minimal – the dewy skin crucial to the style relies on supportive prep. Products like natural foundation are formulated specifically for this style, but using correct methods for how to apply natural makeup is just as important. Ahead, our simplified and expert approved 3-step routine for fresh and glowing skin.  

The ethos behind natural makeup looks

Apart from the importance of removing makeup with cleansers at the end of day, the way you wear your products affects how skin functions. Increased activity and time outdoors in hot weather means increased oil-flow, so it’s important to consider makeup as seasonal. Acne-prone skin, dry and sensitive skin can experience stress in hot weather, but supportive and light makeup can actually assist skin types against environmental triggers. Other advantages to wearing natural foundation, blush and eye makeup include:

  • Prevents makeup transferring (especially through increased oil-flow)
  • Light reflective  
  • Celebrates natural skin
  • Suitable for active lifestyles

  • How to do natural makeup prep

    Radiant skin seen in the best natural makeup looks are a result of real complexions, and not just product alone. To achieve a long-lasting glow, makeup artists apply natural foundation onto beautifully hydrated and refreshed skin. Before thinking about how to apply natural makeup, skincare is your first step. Skincare routines are unique, but there are at least three universal products required for brightened skin:

    1.      Cleanser: always remove impurities from skin as a first step, in order to work from a clean canvas. Velvety Cleansing Milk is formulated as a lightweight texture and leaves skin feeling firm and bouncy.

    2.      Exfoliator: dead skin cells are a natural component of cell cycles, but in order to achieve even and radiant skin, they should be cleared from the surface layer. Crema Nera Terra Pantelleria – Armani beauty’s luxe skin-boosting mask – exfoliates, detoxifies and regenerates skin.

    3.      Moisturiser: firmed, plumped and bouncy skin is integral to natural makeup looks. Achieve this and protect your skin from external stressors and dryness through everyday application of deep moisturisers. Crema Nera Neocream hydrates skin and helps to improve texture at an intercellular level.

    Simplified 3-step natural makeup tutorial

    To avoid product drying, caking or sitting on top of skin, it’s important not to overapply makeup. Alongside the right products, minimalism and simplicity really is the key to natural makeup looks – but there are of course ways to apply each step for an elevated final result.

    1. Prime skin

    Post skincare application, skin will have absorbed supportive ingredients. To create the right base for makeup application, a primer is applied next. This step stops makeup from sitting on top, fading or transferring, and provides further hydration. UV Master Primer enhances and illuminates complexions, for a soft halo effect. Included in the formula is hydrating glycerin to brighten and improve skin’s texture, and SPF40 UV protection from UV radiation. Apply with clean hands, massaging from the centre outwards until absorbed.

    2. Apply natural foundation base

    Apply your base next. Complexions are the focal point of natural makeup looks – aiming for hydrated and enhanced natural tones. Opt for a lightweight foundation that hydrates skin, to work with skin and prevent transfers in hot weather. Luminous Silk Foundation unifies with natural skin, using Microfil™ technology to brighten skin and radiate light. For added dewiness, you can mix 2 parts foundation with 1 part moisturiser, applying from the centre outwards with Shaping Foundation Brush.

    When demonstrating how to do natural makeup, concealer application differs amongst makeup artists. Always start off with a lightweight, luminous formula like Luminous Silk Lightweight Liquid Concealer. For application, some suggest using concealer without foundation, dabbing onto dark circles and discolouration before blending into skin. Other methods include using a ‘pin-prick’ sized amount and only applying where is needed (e.g. dark under eye circles and on blemishes), before buffing well into skin. Use the Spot Concealer Brush to target specific areas.

    3. Natural eye makeup & cheek colour

    Learning how to do natural eye makeup is primarily about avoiding over application. The focus here is realistically natural makeup – so eyeshadow or too-thick mascara should be missed. Light swipes of Eyes To Kill Classico Mascara are all that’s needed to open up and extend the eye area. Finish with naturally toned blush. Dab ‘No makeup makeup’ Neo Nude A-Blush along the natural contour of your cheekbone and blend in, moving upwards to sculpt and define.

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