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How to stop makeup transferring throughout the day

It’s likely you’ve experienced the 2pm shift in your makeup look before – even avid lovers of makeup will be familiar with occasional transfers. Fading or blotting can happen to both oily and dry skin types throughout every season, with an exact cause sometimes hard to determine.

While factors like oil-flow, weather conditions and materials like face masks or scarves can encourage makeup to smudge or fade, the application techniques and formulas you use ultimately determine how budge-proof the final result is. Placed correctly onto skin, products like longwear foundation, long lasting eyeliner and setting formulas will remain flawless throughout the entire day.

To learn how to make makeup last all day, our essential guide includes the best long lasting makeup for your skin type and the necessary tools for fail-proof looks. Read on to see how high quality and luxury all day makeup formulas can benefit your day-to-day looks.

How to make makeup last all day

Whether you’re applying 5-minute skin-boosting makeup or glamorous smokey eyes for an evening event, it’s disappointing to see your efforts fade before too long. For makeup artists, knowing how to keep foundation on all day begins with the right canvas. Before makeup like longwear foundation is applied, skin needs to be suitably renewed and absorbent – achieved through the use of nourishing and gentle skincare steps.

Dead skin is a natural component of the cell cycle, but when left to build up it roughens skin texture and prevents formulas from reaching new layers, ultimately causing cakeage and premature fading. Begin every routine by removing impurities and dead cells through a hydrating cleanser like Crema Nera Supreme Foam-In-Cream Cleansing Moisturiser. To achieve the radiant, plump and brightened base for longwear foundation and concealer to sit on, use a lightweight yet hydrating moisturiser like Crema Nera Neocream. Suitable for both dry and oily skin, the formula absorbs deeply into skin, preventing cream and liquid-based makeup from ‘sliding’ off skin.

Long lasting makeup routine

Long lasting makeup is one component of an infallible routine. The order in which you apply makeup and the methods used to place product on skin will determine how radiant and true-to-skin the final result is. Whatever the look you’re going for, these universal steps will help to perfect all day makeup.

1. Prep skin with primer

For how to make makeup last all day, skin needs to have a specific texture. Hydration and absorbency are integral to makeup blending with skin’s natural complexion and not just sitting on top, but overabsorption can cause products to sink and fade. To prevent this from happening, face primers create a layer between pores and makeup. Prep your canvas for long lasting makeup by first applying a hydrating formula like Luminous Silk Hydrating Primer, which melts into skin to create a supportive base whilst enhancing complexions.

2. Apply longwear foundation

The base you choose can be either full coverage or more akin to tinted moisturiser, but its formulation is what determines whether it can be used as longwear foundation. Long lasting makeup requires supportive ingredients alongside beautiful pigmentation to work with skin for long periods. For oily skin types, mattifying Lasting Silk UV Foundation remains on skin for up to 14 hours. Hyaluronic acid-infused Neo Nude Tinted Moisturiser hydrates dry skin types while providing buildable coverage.

3. Use makeup brushes

The way you place your products also matter. While fingers can help to blend steps like cream blush and even lipstick into skin, your base makeup needs to be buffered in order to avoid transfers. Makeup brushes blend and layer long lasting makeup for a natural, radiant complexion that won’t fade. For liquid longwear foundation, use the slightly pointed shape in the Blender Brush. Powder foundations can be applied with sculpting Powder Brush.

4. Set with loose powder

Well-loved by professional makeup artists, following base products with powder helps to secure and extend the look of skin. Using the Powder Brush, lightly dust Loose Powder as your next step. Made from light-diffusing particles, this powder further enhances complexions by covering imperfections and mattifying any shine. 

5. Fix with setting spray

As your absolute final step, a setting spray assists in ensuring the complexion you’ve achieved is even and held in place. All day makeup can still be affected through external factors like dry climates and dust. Setting sprays create a thin layer between makeup, so that environmental stress doesn’t affect coverage. Luxury and refreshing, Armani Prima Refreshing Makeup Fix protects and enhances makeup looks to keep the finished result morning-fresh throughout the entire day.

How to stop makeup transferring

Radiance and even-toned complexions that remain flawless throughout the day are achievable through high-quality and supportive products. Other tips for how to do long lasting makeup include:

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