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A Guide To Finding The Perfect Foundation For Your Skin Type

There’s no doubt that creating the perfect makeup look begins with flawless foundation. Whether you prefer a ‘no makeup’ look or skin-like full coverage, achieving a seamless foundation finish is a key step in building the perfect canvas for the rest of your makeup. As critical as it may be, learning how to choose foundation is something many of us struggle to get right. Foundation is highly individual and identifying on the perfect finish, shade and texture requires some necessary know-how. Unsure where to start? To help you choose a formulation that’ll achieve your dream complexion, here’s our step-by-step guide on finding the perfect foundation for your skin type.

Foundation for your skin type

What to consider when choosing foundation

The journey towards how to choose the right foundation has to take into consideration a number of elements. The first is your skin type, with most complexions falling into either the dry, sensitive or oily category. If you’re unsure which skin type you are, here are few ways to identify each one:

  • Dry skin: Can feel tight, is prone to flakiness, can look and feel rough or dull in texture.
  • Sensitive skin: Tends to experience redness and dryness and can be quite reactive to stimuli such as the environment or ingredients in skincare products.
  • Oily skin: Produces excess oil and can experience congestion such as blackheads, often appears shiny and is prone to blemishes.

Although your skin type can serve as a helpful guide in choosing foundation, ultimately, it’s about the finish you want to achieve and how much coverage you need. Different formulations offer different finishes - so you’ll need to decide whether you want a matte, sheer or dewy effect.

We all have unique requirements when it comes to how to choose foundation. To make your choice easier, let’s unpack which Armani beauty foundation is best suited to each skin type.

Foundation for dry skin

In regard to the best foundation for dry skin, it’s a good idea to avoid powder formulas as they contain no water and won’t offer any extra hydration to skin. Instead, opt for liquid formulas with hydrating or illuminating properties to help brighten dry skin which can tend to look quite dull. Matte formulas are also best avoided as it can emphasise the skin’s visible dryness.

So, what foundation is good for dry skin? Luminous Silk Foundation is a great option as it offers a lit-from-within effect, ideal for brightening dry skin. Foundation on dry skin can be applied using a brush, as you can control how much product you apply. Use downward strokes to avoid lifting any dry, flaky skin. Alternatively, use a makeup sponge - the dampness offers a little extra hydration and will help to avoid foundation sticking to dry patches.

Choose foundation for your skin type

Foundation for oily skin

As it is prone to oiliness, the best foundation for oily skin is one that helps reduce shine and offers a mattifying effect. A matte foundation like the Power Fabric+ Full Coverage Liquid Foundation is suited, as it offers great coverage for oily skin while being long lasting and weightless. This formulation avoids creating a cakey finish and combats any shine throughout the day. Those with oily skin can use a primer to prep the skin for foundation and prevent excess shine.

When it comes to foundation makeup for oily skin, you can use a brush or sponge for application. Which one you should use is dependent on what type of coverage you’re looking for. A brush achieves a lighter finish, whereas a sponge will disperse more product onto the skin, offering more coverage.

Foundation for sensitive skin

It’s important to take great care with sensitive skin, so the type of formulation you choose is important. The best kind of foundation for sensitive skin should be gentle but nourishing, such as the skincare-infused Neo Nude Tinted Moisturiser which contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin to deliver intense hydration. As sensitive skin tends to experience redness, a tinted moisturiser such as the Neo Nude Tinted Moisturiser is a good fit as it offers buildable coverage while still being lightweight and breathable.

Foundation for mature skin

Learning how to choose the right foundation for mature skin is about choosing a formula that won’t settle into creases. This helps to avoid emphasising fine lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of ageing. The Power Fabric Compact Foundation is a great option for mature skin as it melts into the complexion, achieving a blurring effect for any imperfections. And while it feels like a second skin, the buildable formula means you’re able to create coverage that looks seamless.

Applying makeup to mature skin also means you shouldn’t skip the important step of prepping the skin beforehand. This will help achieve the most flattering finish. A hydrating moisturiser and primer are key, as mature skin tends to be dry. When it comes to application, a makeup sponge achieves the best results as it ensures an even, natural finish.

For a more in depth breakdown of how to colour match foundation check out our guide on how to choose foundation for skin tone.


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