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Our Infallible Makeup for Travelling

Planning an array of looks is an exciting component of holiday packing – and with so much opportunity for flawless and sophisticated makeup styles, you’ll want to have options available. Whether your destination resembles sand, sea or cityscapes, the right makeup for travel matters – but trying to fit your entire collection into a suitcase will most likely prove impractical.

To avoid losing your favourite products to unfortunate breakage, travel makeup is designed and packed with long trips and suitcases in mind. Especially for trips that involve flights, travel size makeup is a necessity – no one wants to leave their beloved cleanser or foundation with airport security.

The best travel makeup tips speak to space and usability. To ensure you don’t sacrifice on style we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide for checking in with confidence. Our top tips and travel makeup for luminous skin and eye-catching looks are ahead.

Travel skincare tips

Every skin type wears makeup best when the tone and complexion is healthy and hydrated. When planning your makeup for travel, your first consideration should always be skincare. Though you may need to pair back multi-step routines, there are a few steps you should never leave without. To ensure that your trip doesn’t include cell damage to skin, SPF is the first. Other travel skincare steps to include are:

1.   To help your skin from changing climates and long days or nights, pack a nourishing and deep-reaching serum. In the morning and again before bed, Crema Nera Supreme Recovery Oil contains anti-ageing ingredients to moisturise and protect.

2.     Long-haul flights, air-conditioned hotel rooms and changing time zones all cause skin to lose moisture. Make sure that your makeup blends in properly by hydrating skin beforehand. In place of more fragile jars, Crema Nera Instant Reviving Cream Face Mask provides 5 sheet masks with Reviscentalis™ to improve skin’s texture and appearance.

The best makeup for travelling

Formal, fun or spur-of-the-moment looks all need to have a seamless base and one or two standout components. Brushes provide the best application – for how to travel with makeup brushes without damaging them, seal your tools like Blender Brush and pack them in compartments that won’t twist or crush. Makeup for travel is below.

Travel size foundation

When on the go, regular sized foundation often isn’t an option. To achieve the same level of luminosity and flawless finish, Luminous Silk Foundation Travel Size comes in an 18ml, travel size makeup format. With medium buildable coverage this formula is suited to both warmer, humid climates and dryer weather. For those who wear powder foundation, the compact design of Power Fabric Compact Foundation makes it perfect for slipping in small travel bags. With a high-coverage, matte velvet finish and a mirror included in the case, your skin can look seamless and bright wherever you go. If you’re travelling to particularly humid or hot areas where you’ll spend most of your time outdoors or in the water, you may want to forego foundation all together. If this is the case use just a concealer to brighten darker areas and cover any imperfections.

Lips, eyes & cheek colour

Both lip and eye makeup can enhance your finished look. By strategically packing 2-3 special travel makeup products for these features, you’ll be able to look as if you’d achieved each look from the comfort of your own home. For the eyes, a compact palette like Eyes To Kill Eye Quattro Palette offers an array of different colour options for your trip. Included in each palette combination are four highly pigmented eyeshadows in an ultra-creamy texture. For lips (and cheeks!), Neo Nude A-Blush provides a healthy, natural-looking flush. If your packing as light as it gets – multi-functional colour Neo Nude Melting Colour Balm delivers a blendable boost of colour across eyelids, lips and cheeks.

Other travel makeup tips

At home you may have your makeup routine sorted, but suitcases, backpacks and check-in restrictions can’t offer the same ease of access. With limited space, makeup for travelling becomes about utilising what storage you do have in savvy ways. Travel makeup tips to consider when packing include:

  • Planning looks beforehand: one advantage to holiday packing is that you tend to have a fairly clear idea of how you’ll spend your time. Determining what look you’d like to achieve for dinner bookings, theatre reservations or family events prior to setting off will save space and deliberation once you’re there.

  • Using multifunctional products: products that can be applied to more than one facial feature not only take up less space but are on trend. Monochromatic looks are simple and sophisticated ways of achieving cohesion with makeup.

  • Wrapping properly: even travel makeup can break in rocky flights, coaches or cruise ships. To ensure your go-to’s stay as their name suggests, pack your makeup bag with forethought and wrap it for extra protection.

  • Consider the destination: seaside destinations may call for plenty of sun, swimming and relaxation, but they probably also mean lighter makeup. Think about the climate you’re travelling to and what formulas, coverage and skin tone shades are best suited.

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