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How To Get Glowing Skin

Makeup trends change with each season, but glowing skin remains one of the most sought-after looks. Luminous and lightweight, the minimal style emphasises natural complexions by using makeup products to enhance skin instead of cover it. Luminous foundation works with all skin types to moisturise and even the skin tone. To achieve glowing skin with makeup, it’s important to know how to apply foundation and other brightening products the right way. The correct application technique is vital to attaining glowing skin – your products need to be blended into skin properly so as to brighten it.

Ahead, we detail how to get glowing skin no matter your skin type or concern. For our luxe range of glowing skin foundation and the ideal makeup routine, read on.

Skincare prep for glowing skin

Before makeup can be considered, an infallible skincare routine needs to be implemented. Glowing skin starts from within – and as your natural complexion is the base that is used to create luminosity, it’s important that it’s properly cared for. Multi-step routines can vary depending on individual needs, but there are essential skincare products that all skin types – oily, dry, sensitive or mature – should use. For naturally bright and supple skin, ensure you include the following steps in your routine:

  • Cleanse: skin experiences external stressors at a daily rate. Pollution, impurities, bacteria and sweat all affect the vitality and clarity of skin. As a morning and evening ritual, use a daily cleanser to purify and reset the skin.

  • Exfoliate: Though dry skin types may feel effects the most, all skin experiences build-ups of dead skin cells. This is a natural result of the life cycle of cells, but unless removed they can contribute to dullness and rough-textured skin. A gentle, daily exfoliator buffs away dead skin and helps to restore radiance with hydrating hyaluronic acid.

  • Moisturise: Much of glowing skin’s features are owed to this crucial skincare step. When skin is dehydrated it can become sallow, roughened and dull. To support the look and feel of skin, hydrate skin properly with a daily facial cream. The Crema Nera Neocream also helps manage dehydrated skin with the inclusion of actives.

  • How to get glowing skin with makeup

    Once skin is renewed and hydrated, you can enhance and attain long-lasting glowing skin with makeup. Luminous foundation, blush and bronzers are used together to create a healthy and natural complexion that reflects light. As this makeup look is especially sought-after in warmer weather when heavier makeup can feel overwhelming, it needs to be applied so that skin can breathe. Ahead, discover how to get glowing skin that celebrates your beauty and lasts all day.

    Plump skin with primer

    The success of glowing skin foundation has much to do with how it sits on and blends with skin. Moisturised skin is plumped and hydrated, but this base can still allow for makeup transfers and over-absorption. To maximise glowing skin, a primer is needed to create a supportive base. Primers work as a marrying step between skincare and makeup – helping to seal in nourishing ingredients and create a base for makeup to sit on so that it doesn’t transfer or fade. As the first step in your glowing skin routine, apply Luminous Silk Hydrating Primer. Designed to boost skin’s radiance without becoming shiny, our luminous foundation primer preps skin for glowing makeup.

    Apply luminous foundation

    Your foundation base follows. A glowing skin foundation uses formulas that provide a ‘lit-from-within’ radiance. With the inclusion of light-enhancing pigments and iridescent particles, our range of skin-enhancing luminous foundation provides a perfect complexion and natural glow to skin. Luminous Silk Foundation provides medium coverage without colour build-up. For those seeking an even more natural look, Neo Nude Natural Glow Foundation provides light coverage with mineral pigments to even out and perfect your complexion. Wondering how to apply foundation for glowing skin? Use foundation lightly and follow these steps:

    1.     Use a brush instead of fingers, to avoid ‘swiping’ the product across your face.

    2.     Start in the centre and move outwards, to support the reflection of light and help the foundation look as natural as possible.

    3.     Don’t paint the foundation on as this can cause streaks. Instead, buff the product into skin gently until completely blended with your complexion.

    4.     To further enhance your luminous foundation, add a few drops of Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancer before applying for even more radiant skin. 

    Highlight reflective points & apply blush

    Natural tones are key to achieving glowing skin with makeup. As colours vary and fluctuate on different points of our face, it’s important to create the same dimension on top of your foundation. Promote a healthy glow with a flush of blush on the apples of cheeks or at the top of cheekbones. Neo Nude A-Blush is made with a sheer texture for a natural wash of colour wherever you’d like it. Finally, dot Neo Nude A-Highlighter where the light hits, being careful not to over-apply – a little goes a long way.

    Other tips for glowing skin

    To keep glowing skin healthy and radiant, follow with the right care and aftercare. Damaged skin won’t be able to radiate light beautifully or glow from within. To protect against this, wear SPF each day and reapply every two hours. When skin feels a little tired or dull, replenish skin with the nutritive Crema Nera Instant Reviving Cream Face Mask.

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