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Dewy Makeup Finish for Dry Skin

The quintessential dewy makeup look will leave your skin feeling nourished while emitting a glowing radiance. Akin to the “no makeup” look, dewy makeup prioritises hydration with the help of skin-nourishing cream and liquid makeup formulations. With our step-by-step guide, dewy makeup for dry skin is made simple. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know - the essential tips, techniques and product recommendations to create glowing makeup for dry skin, so you can wear that coveted dewy makeup look in full, incandescent confidence.

Dewy makeup for dry skin

How to create glowing makeup for dry skin

Creating a radiant and glowing dewy makeup look for dry skin is about enhancing your own facial features and supplying skin with lasting hydration. Smoothing, moisturising base products are your best friend, and liquid complexion products that melt into skin will help you accomplish how to get a dewy makeup look. Follow our 5 steps to perfect your glowing base:

  • Begin by preparing your face with a protective and moisturising primer.
  • Next, choose a foundation that offers a glowing finish with a dose of hydration.
  • Apply concealer lightly to mask any blemishes and imperfections.
  • Select a highlighter to add extra glow, while a touch of blush will help to blend and radiate colour.
  • Finish through setting your makeup with a luminous face powder.

Prep the skin with a face primer

Prepping skin is an essential step prior to applying makeup - particularly when working with dewy makeup for dry skin. Gently cleanse skin with Velvety Cleansing Milk to remove impurities without drying skin. Glide Armani Prima Glow On Moisturising Cream onto skin to firm and hydrate next.

Prepare your skin for a dewy makeup routine with a facial primer. Armani beauty’s UV Master Primer is infused with UVA and UVB solar filters to provide essential UV protection while illuminating your complexion. Apply a pearl-sized amount to the back of your hand, and, using your fingertips, gently smooth the primer to cover the rest of your face. The UV Master Primer will shield skin from the harshness of the sun while preparing for your dewy makeup look.

Foundation for dry skin

Choose a foundation for dry skin

Next, choose a foundation that will hydrate and unify the skin while additionally enhancing that coveted dewy makeup look. With an extended range of forty shades and uniquely bespoke Micro-fil™ technology, Armani beauty’s Luminous Silk Foundation has been formulated to support all skin types and tones. This oil-free foundation wears as weightless as its source of inspiration, the luxury of charmeuse silk. Apply with your favourite blender brush for a seamless, radiant finish. Add more layers to build coverage, as required. The Luminous Silk Foundation offers your skin a hydrating canvas you can wear with confidence and longevity throughout the day.

Conceal and highlight to add glow

Areas of concern like blemishes, dark circles and redness can be diffused with a hydrating concealer matched to your individual skin tone. Armani beauty’s Luminous Silk Lightweight Liquid Concealer has a lightweight and lustrous finish that pairs perfectly with the Luminous Silk Foundation. Ingredients such as caffeine and vitamin E will help reduce dark undereye circles, while glycerin is infused to provide long-lasting hydration. Target areas of concern with the precise tip of the applicator, while illuminating larger areas with its flat side.

Continue the dewy makeup glow by selecting a highlighter. Armani beauty’s Neo Nude A-Highlight ensures a “no make-up” appearance while amplifying your skin’s natural brilliance. Apply to skin, cheeks and lips.

Add a touch of blush

To build on your glowing makeup for dry skin routine, add a touch of colour to your cheeks. For a natural, lightweight and effortless visage, Armani beauty’s Neo Nude A-Blush is specifically designed to melt and blend into skin. Compliment your distinctive features and daily preferences through a selection of seven radiant shades. To begin, apply a small amount of the blush onto your cheeks using the velvet applicator. Use your fingers to tap and blend, creating a sheer flush of glowing, natural colour. Apply more as required to achieve your optimal dewy makeup look. The Neo Nude A-Blush can also be used on eyelids, lips and cheeks for a harmonised colour palette.

Set makeup with a luminous face powder

Finalise your glowing makeup for dry skin routine by selecting a luminous face powder to set your dewy makeup look. Consider a powder that offers subtle radiance without mattifying or drying skin. Offered in ten lucent shades, Armani beauty’s Luminuous Silk Glow Fusion Face Powder is specifically formulated for a fresh, long-lasting finish. Its water memory technology supports the powder to pair with the skin’s natural hydration, creating a veil-like film to blur fine lines.

First, decide on a shade best resembling your skin tone. Next, blend with your preferred powder brush. If interested in enhancing the definition in your face, use lighter shades to highlight, and darker shades to define your unique personal features. This step will help set your routine while maintaining a dewy makeup look throughout the day.

Now you know just how to achieve that coveted dewy makeup look, discover our 5 ways to avoid cakey makeup next.


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