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How to Apply Lipstick for Dry Lips

Lipstick is one of the simplest ways to elevate a look by creating stylistic cohesion between your outfit and makeup. Whether it’s a pop of colour for a bold statement, or the perfect neutral for a classic style - lipstick is as versatile as it is impactful. If you battle with dry lips, you might have given up on lipstick altogether. Here, we’re sharing steps to help you rehydrate your lips and bring your lipstick collection back to life. The Armani lipstick collection includes hydrating lipsticks with a lipstick colour and finish for any occasion in every season. Read on for our guide to lipsticks for dry lips and how to achieve seamless application every time.

Lipstick for Dry Lips

What causes dry lips?

Dehydrated skin always seems to occur during dry weather conditions, and this extends to chapped and flaky lips. It makes sense that dryness is amplified when there’s a lack of moisture in the air, but what about throughout the rest of the year? If you’re feel like you’re constantly dealing with dry lips and can’t help but wonder ‘why are my lips dry so often?’ we’ve got the answers for you.

  • Sun damage can cause chapped lips, so make sure to use SPF on your lips as well as your face.

  • Not drinking enough water can result in a lack of moisture in your skin and lips.

  • Habits like licking, biting, or picking at your lips could be the culprit for your dry lips.

The best lipstick for dry lips

The best lipsticks for dry lips have a nourishing formula that hydrates the lips without sacrificing staying power. We love the Lip Maestro Lipstick for its deeply hydrating, creamy formula that applies like a lip lacquer before settling into a velvety finish. Not only can it leave your lips looking plumper and radiant, but its lasting pigment will stay in place as long as you need.

If a matte lip look is more your style, try a shade from the Rouge d'Armani Matte Lipstick collection. Its highly pigmented formula stays in place all day and feels light as feather. We know what you’re thinking - is matte lipstick good for dry lips? Truthfully, a high impact, matte lip look doesn’t have to be out of bounds just because you’re experiencing dry lips. As long as you prep your lips correctly and choose a matte lipstick with a moisturising formula, you can still embrace a matte lip look.

best Lipstick for Dry Lips

Our step-by-step guide on how to apply lipstick for dry lips

Applying lip makeup when you have dry lips can result in a cracked, inconsistent look when done incorrectly. From pigment bleeding to colour flaking – careful application is needed to make a vibrant lip look work on a dehydrated pout. Luckily, with the right preparation and quality products, you can take your lips from dry to quenched in no time. Keep reading to discover our tips on how to wear lipstick with dry lips.

1. Exfoliate the lips

Dry lips need some extra care before applying lip makeup. Exfoliating is an ideal way to remove flaky skin and create a smooth base for a hydrating lipstick. A simple lip scrub can be made from everyday ingredients like brown sugar and coconut oil - simply apply the mixture to your lips in gentle circular motion and rinse with warm water after a minute or two.

2. Apply a hydrating lip balm

Just as you stock up on hydrating skincare when your face feels dry and tight – dry lips call for hydrating lip products. A moisturising lip balm is a key step when it comes to applying lipstick for dry lips. We love the Neo Nude Ecstasy Balm because of its nourishing formula that adds a layer of protection to your lips before makeup. The Neo Nude Ecstasy Balm can also be worn alone to enhance your natural lip colour.

3. Prime and line

An essential step in how to wear lipstick with dry lips is lip liner. It helps prime the lips for other lip products and helps mitigate the chance of colour bleeding around the lip border, which can be tricky to clean up on the go. The Armani beauty Smooth Silk Lip Pencil helps extend the life of your lip makeup by filling lines and ridges to help achieve flawless lipstick application. Choose a colour as similar as possible to your either your lipstick or your natural lip shade.

4. Add some colour

Now you’re ready to apply lipstick, so simply choose a colour that suits your style and swipe onto your lips. Check out the Lip Power Lipstick collection - available in 30 long lasting shades, this hydrating lipstick is has a vivid satin finish for long-lasting lip colour. For precise application, use a lip brush or create a stained look by tapping the product into your lips with your fingers. To really enhance your lip look, choose a lip shade that shares your skin undertone. Try our virtual try on tool to pick your favourite colours.

With all the preparation tips you need to hydrate and maintain your lips, get inspired with our lipstick looks and trends for every season.


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