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The best techniques for long-lasting lipstick

Even as a fundamental makeup product, confusion still exists around how to put on lipstick so that it lasts. A lip colour can elevate and tie any look together, but understanding the right methods for how to keep lipstick on all day is necessary to keep your makeup looking flawless.

Armani Beauty’s luxurious lip colours provide the best long lasting lipstick coverage in a range of different finishes. Tailorable to you, the wearable formulas are available in matte, satin and vivid colour finishes. Whatever your makeup preference, full coverage or natural sheens should all be long lasting. To discover how to put on lipstick so that it stays, we’ve compiled the best lipstick application tips ahead.

Healthy, moisturised lips are the starting base for long lasting lipstick. From there, our expert-approved application styles will keep your pout in check for hours. To find out how to keep your lips brightly toned for a full workday, event and even in hot weather, see our step-by-step process below.

Types of long lasting lipstick

There’s no need to sacrifice individual style in order to wear lipstick all day. The modern generation of lipsticks are formulated with nourishing ingredients, to ensure that the texture of lips stay hydrated. Alongside the eye area, our lips are especially sensitive areas of skin. For the best long lasting lipstick, choose between the following variations:

  • Matte lipstick:
    Characterised by its high pigmentation and matte finish, matte lipstick can achieve bold beauty looks in just one swipe. Opt for this style when you’d like lips to be the main feature of your makeup look. Rouge D’Armani Matte Lipstick provides intense coverage with a feather-light formula that stays in place all day. Infused with hydrogenated jojoba oil, this matte long lasting lipstick provides comfortable wear alongside vibrant colour.

  • Vivid colour:
    Bright, vivid lip tones are a timeless and eye-catching component of makeup looks. To ensure the vibrancy of your chosen colour remains, each formula needs to be supported by nourishing ingredients. Lip Power – Armani Beauty’s range of vivid, long lasting lipstick, are made with a unique combination of oils to allow each shade to remain on skin throughout the day.

  • Satin finish:
    Perfect for daily wear, satin lipsticks provide a natural sheen alongside a translucent wash of colour. Rouge D’Armani Lipstick provides up to 8 hours of lipstick all day, with a hydrating formula built into the texture of a balm. Available in a range of shades, opt for satin lip colours when going for a natural, dewy makeup look.

How to apply lipstick so it lasts

Though many think lipstick application starts and ends with the product, how to put on lipstick for long lasting wear actually comes down to the health and hydration of lips. For a flawless approach to long lasting lipstick, we’ve compiled the best step-by-step routine below.

1. Exfoliate and hydrate lips

Long-lasting makeup looks rely on the right prep and application, and lipstick is no exception. In the same way that a skincare routine and primer prepares skin for foundation, hydrating and cleansing products for lips ensure your lip colour sits on skin properly. Begin by ensuring that lips are exfoliated, so that any dry or dead skin is removed. Follow with Luminous Silk Hydrating Primer to create the perfect, moisturised canvas.

2. Apply lip liner

As another form of primer, lip liners are one of the most important lipstick application tips. For the best results, we recommend filling the entire lip in – as the formulas acts as a barrier between your lips and lip colour, to prevent transfer or absorption. Smooth Silk Lip Pencil provides a precise lip contour with long-lasting colour. To achieve a 90s look, use a lip pencil one or two shades darker than your lipstick, and only apply around the edge of your lips.

3. Apply long lasting lipstick

Your lipstick finish of choice is applied next. Rather than a single swipe, ‘blot’ thin layers of the product onto your lips, building up to the colour vibrancy of your choice. Press lips together to seal the product in. For a monochrome makeup look, we suggest dabbing your lip colour onto cheeks too.

4. Finish with setting powder

To ensure that your lipstick and other products stay on for the entirety of your day, a finishing powder should be used as the final step. Loose Powder also reduces the appearance of shine and helps to further conceal imperfections. To apply onto lips, use the Powder Brush – specifically designed for powder textures. Shake any excess of the brush, before dusting a light layer over lips and skin.

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