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What are Face Serums and Facial Oils, and What's the Difference?

A luxury skincare routine should contain products and steps that do the most to brighten and hydrate your unique skin type. Serums, facial oils and facial essences are sometimes confused, but they each have different purposes and target different skincare goals.

Explore the benefits of these transformative skincare heroes and understand where each one fits in your skincare routine. Below, we’ve outlined the major differences and features of face serums, facial oils and essences, to empower you to curate your perfect routine.

Understand which ingredients and formulas benefit your skin type best – and discover the best serum for dehydrated skin, as well as the right serum for sensitive skin.

Our premium range of skincare products hydrate and enhance your complexion, to celebrate and uplift your own beauty. Read on to understand the difference between a face oil for oily skin and serum for oily skin, to see how our innovative formulas can benefit you.

What are face serums?

If you’ve asked the question what does face serum do for your face, here is your answer. Face serums are light in texture and have high concentrations of potent ingredients. Their smaller molecular structure is designed to permeate the layer skin beneath the epidermis (your skin’s surface layer). Because of this, anti ageing serums and antioxidant serums are deeply effective at targeting specific skin concerns, such as dehydration, uneven skin tones and signs of ageing. Used directly after cleansing, an anti-ageing serum is one of the first steps of your self-care regime.

Ingredients in face serums

Because of their watery formula, serums can be infused with nutrient-rich, targeted ingredients. There are different types of serums, but common ingredients used include antioxidants and acids. When asking what does face serum do, the simplest answer is that they renew skin’s cells and replenish tired complexions. Our anti-wrinkle serum Supreme Reviving Serum contains Hydroxyethylpiperazine Ethane Sulfonic Acid to gently exfoliate and firm skin. Paired with this is Reviscentalis, a firming anti-ageing plant extract.

What are serums used for?

Face serums get beneath the surface layer of skin, and in doing so address concerns like signs of ageing and dull skin. They’re deep targeting ability also makes them an effective and powerful tool for all skin types. The Supreme Reviving Serum tightens pores for this with oily-skin types, and exfoliates to encourage renewal for dry skin types.

What are facial oils?

The difference between face oil and serums lies in their structure. Facial oils have larger molecules than serums. Their texture is thicker and should be treated as a key to lock in the ingredients of your other products. Applying facial oils and skin oil at the end of your routine after your moisturiser acts as a fortifying barrier.

Ingredients in facial oils

The thicker texture of facial oils is thanks to their formula of rebalancing oils, usually derived from plants. The Crema Nera Supreme Recovery Oil is a great face oil for oily skin, and uses a luxurious combination of Rapeseed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Avocado Oil and Glycerin to visibly smooth and soften skin. This is a must-have addition to a luxury skincare routine.

What are face oils used for?

The skin barrier is the protective layer of skin that keeps moisture in and prevents irritating bacteria and sun damage from permeating our more vulnerable layers of skin. When the skin barrier is damaged, we lose vital water, and are prone to skin sensitivity as well as oiliness.

Whereas skin oil is used to layer moisture on the thicker skin on our body, face oils are formulated for the thinner, more fragile skin on our face. The ingredients in facial oils nourish and protect our skin barrier, which helps to regulate our natural production of oils. This makes this hero product beneficial to all skin types.

What are facial essences?

Facial essences hail from Korea, where they have a cult-following in the skincare community. A combination of a toner and moisturiser, essences work as a skincare primer, to provide extra hydration and prep skin for the following products. Their molecular structure is similarly small to serums, and they should be applied directly afterwards.

Ingredients in facial essences

Just like facial oils and serums, facial essences are made from active ingredients that provide direct and deeply effective benefits to skin. If this is your introduction to essences, discover how the Crema Nera Acqua Pantelleria Antioxidant Treatment Lotion can benefit you. With the exceptional inclusion of four vital minerals and Reviscent

What are facial essences used for?

Earlier versions of facial essences served mainly to prep skin for following skincare products. Our modern and transformative facial essence provides the finest in anti-ageing technology, including firming, plumping and redefining the contours. Embody your natural beauty through the daily use of this radiance-boosting skincare step.

The difference between essence and serum

You may be deciding between facial oil vs serum, or essence vs serum. However, all skin types can benefit from the combination of facial oils, serums and facial essences. If your focus is hydration and oil-balancing, make sure to apply a facial oil at the end of your routine each morning and night. If you are hoping to address signs of ageing, our serums and facial essences are packed with firming components. Used in tandem, these products ensure your skin’s natural radiance is protected and strengthened, so that your beauty shines through.

Where they fit in your skincare routine

Multi-step routines can sometimes be confusing, but following the right steps ensure that your products can be as effective as possible. After cleansing and using a gentle exfoliator, gently massage your serum using circular motions into the skin. Follow this with your facial essence and moisturiser, before sealing your ingredients in with the facial oil. Always finish with an SPF.

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