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Armani Privé

Armani/Privé fragrances are instantly recognisable by their distinctive squared bottle and pebble-shaped cap. The collection translates experiences, memories and landscapes of the world through a unique and enigmatic olfactory lens. Armani/Privé is unisex: universal, balanced and distilled from rare and precious raw materials, each fragrance conveys an exquisite harmony of uncompromising perfection.


Fragrance notes can be a crucial determinant when making the delicate choice to add to your curated fragrance wardrobe or select a personal scent that will carry you through every season, occasion and mood. Olfactory families are typically divided into four defined categories: floral, woody, citrus and amber. While one fragrance may encompass facets of multiple olfactory families, a prevailing heart note emerges and provides a lasting impression which can help guide your decision. Ahead, explore Armani/Privé perfume within these classifications.


Bound by the pursuit of perfection in fragrance, think of Armani/Privé Haute Couture Collections as a constellation of fragrance stories. Identified by their squared bottles and pebble-shaped caps, Armani/Privé fragrances traverse the landscapes of the world to express diverse and unmistakeable olfactory journeys. Dive into Les Eaux, La Collection, Les Mille et une Nuits or Les Terres Précieuses to immerse yourself in a universe of meticulously balanced, ambitiously evocative perfumes that celebrate the forces of nature and cultures of the world.

Armani Prive Santal Dan Sha


The Les Eaux collection takes inspiration from serene and elegant landscapes across the globe, distilling their essence into textured, complex yet refined fragrances. Contemplate the majestic facades of Chinese Imperial palaces, the atmosphere and spirit of fragrant tea plantations, or the splendour and ethereality of the classical gardens of Suzhou, all through the lens of this delicate, luminous fragrance range.

Armani Prive Santal Dan Sha

La Collection

Bold, compelling and avant-garde, La Collection gives form to the ephemeral and intangible, paying tribute to Giorgio Armani’s personal fascinations and memories. A fragrance collection close to his heart, La Collection unifies explosive notes gathered from far-ranging points of inspiration to form unique and resonant perfumes that indulge every sense. Unravel an Italian summer, a waft of incense or the animality of leather in perfect harmony.

Armani Prive Santal Dan Sha


The epic collection of Arabic folk tales Arabian Nights serves as the premise for Les Mille et une Nuits: a fragrance range that seeks to capture its romanticism, allure and depth. Whether worn to an intimate evening or as your signature scent, fragrances in the Les Mille et une Nuits collection bring to life Giorgio Armani’s vision of unadulterated opulence, incandescent heat and smooth, smoky elements.

Armani Prive Santal Dan Sha


The swirling colours of each bottle in the Les Terres Précieuses collection evoke the personality within, as passion and carnality pulse beneath the surface. Giorgio Armani imagines the Tanzanian sky transformed by a lightning storm, a frozen Russian lake where strength and power emanates from beneath the ice, and opulent treasures renewed through the Japanese art of Kintsugi, clarified into a fragrance collection like no other.