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Whether you are hoping to achieve a natural, shimmery or artistic look, achieving perfect eye makeup looks is effortless when you have the right makeup products at your disposal.

It’s no secret that different eye makeup application techniques can enhance or soften the wearer’s natural features. From skin prep to mastering the correct blending techniques, in this guide, we’ll share the best eye makeup tips for beginners and the products worth adding to your daily makeup rotation.

Read below for industry tips on how to transform and elevate your basic eye makeup routine and feel empowered with your newfound beauty knowledge.

How to apply concealer

Eyeliner and eyeshadow dos and don’ts

Mastering the art of eyeliner and eyeshadow application is easy when you know the correct steps to follow. Below, you will find a suggested guide that will see your blank canvas go through a process of complete transformation.


  • Apply eye makeup first: Taking care of eye makeup before foundation will allow you to clean up messy edges without removing your base.

  • Mix and match eyeshadow shades: Blending two or more eyeshadow colours together can create both a subtle and an eye-catching look.

  • Wet your brush when using shimmery shades: For a fuss-free application, the brush should be damp.


  • Forget to prep: Avoid dry patches or uneven coverage by prepping the skin area before applying any eye makeup.

  • Blend too much: It’s a fine line between blending to perfection and overblending. To avoid the latter, blend enough so there are no harsh lines or creases, but not so much that the colours appear muddy or overwhelming to the eye.

  • Be afraid to experiment with colour: Allow yourself to play with colour blocking, attempt different techniques and use various kinds of tools and brushes. If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

How to apply eye makeup

Applying eye makeup doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. By following a formula and applying your products in the correct order, you can construct a beautiful look every time.

To avoid unwanted marks, excess clean-up and a reapplication process, follow this general guide:

  • Apply eyeshadow first, before foundation
  • Apply eyeliner
  • Move onto your base makeup, like foundation
  • Apply any lip liners, gloss or lipstick

Discover our recommendations below to guarantee the best eye makeup looks.

Step one: Prepare the eye area

For a flawless makeup look, skin prep before embarking on eyeshadow for beginners is well worth it. First, gently wipe the eye with micellar water to cleanse the skin of impurities. Next, apply an eyeshadow primer or eye cream to nourish the skin in this delicate area, and continue with your choice of eyeshadow.

Step two: Apply eye makeup first, before foundation

Makeup artists recommend applying eye makeup before foundation. This is because if there are any mistakes or spills, one can clean the area easily without having to reapply foundation and concealer later. It is also much easier to clean this area when it is bare.

As for the age-old question – should one apply eyeshadow or eyeliner first? It is best to begin with eyeshadow and follow up with eyeliner. This will ensure that your eyeliner lines are sharp and visible, and don’t fade away into your eyeshadow. When eyeshadow is applied first, the look remains sharp and clean.

Nude lipstick for fair skin tones

Step three: Master the art of blending

Be careful not to overblend. This applies to all forms of eye makeup, as overblending or utilising the wrong blending techniques can cause product to look patchy or too sheer. Below are our best blending tips for beginners:

Eyeshadow for beginners

The process of blending shimmery shades or perfecting a smokey eye can be difficult, but there are ways to minimise this. Opt for an intensely pigmented product like Eyes To Kill Stellar Eyeshadow, which can be applied directly to the eyelid with fingertips and layered for a more intense finish. For a more blended, natural look, use a small, fluffy brush to create the desired shape and intensify the colour for a more saturated effect.

For a smudge-free and effortless liquid application experience, consider Eye Tint Liquid Eyeshadow. With easily buildable, flattering colours ranging from matte to liquid glitter, this product features a built-in applicator.

Eyebrow tips for beginners

For perfect blending, try the Eye & Brow Maestro. This versatile three-in-one tool works as an eyeshadow, eyeliner and an eyebrow pencil. Available in eight natural shades, it features a waterproof natural finish and lasts for twenty hours after application – perfect for all-day wear.

Step four: Apply liquid or pencil eyeliner

For seamless basic eye makeup, look to pencil eyeliner. Simple to correct, blend or create sharp edges, the pencil eyeliner is a versatile tool for beginners and makeup lovers alike. Smooth Silk Eye Pencil is designed to glide on effortlessly for a subtle or intense look ­– the choice is yours.

For those looking for a more intense impact, try Eyes To Kill Designer Eyeliner – a high precision colour eyeliner that provides impeccable results from the first application. Available in four matte blacks and two pastel shades, this eyeliner can be worn on its own or applied as a finishing touch for a striking, bold look.

Step five: Fix any mistakes and tidy edges

No matter your level of experience, makeup mishaps are bound to happen. Even if an eye makeup tutorial is followed precisely, some tidying may be necessary. Here are our tips to perfect your eye makeup look.

For eyeliner

  • Use a pointed cotton bud and dip in an eye makeup remover. Gently swipe along jagged edges.
  • Alternatively, apply some pin-pointed concealer to disguise any smudges.

For eyeshadow

  • If too much eyeshadow has been applied or it appears mismatched, blend with lighter shades or your face powder. This will allow the original shade to blend in.

For brows

  • If brows appear darker than intended, you can lighten them with a taupe shade layered on the top.
  • Blending will also help to sheer out over-applied brow makeup.
  • Lastly, you can use a cotton bud dipped in eye makeup remover to sharped edges or lightly remove excess product.

Once the desired effect is achieved, continue onto foundation, bronzer, blush and lip products.

Ready for more basic eye makeup tips? Read our guides on How to Style Brows and How To Apply Eyeshadow.


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