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A knockout winter makeup look isn’t complete without a vampy shade of red. There’s nothing quite like a dark red lipstick to make an impact. Among the endless array of red lipstick shades, a perfect crimson pout can set the mood, making a bold statement that no other hue can quite achieve. If you’re feeling a little daunted about wearing a dark red lipstick, don’t be. Read on for our guide on how to master the best lipstick for winter and make a dark red lip your signature look this season.

How to wear red lipstick in winter

The best red lipstick shades for winter

If you were to do a roll call of the best winter lipstick shades, a dark red lipstick would certainly feature at the top of the list. Choosing the right hue can be tricky though, as there’s an array of shades that fall into this category. To guide you, it’s best to look to your skin’s undertones to find your perfect match.

There are three types of undertones: cool, warm and neutral:

  • Red lipstick for cool undertones: Those with cool undertones tend to have skin that features pink, red and bluish tints, and should look for a red lipstick with blue notes like a raspberry or cranberry hue.
  • Red lipstick for warm undertones: If you are in the warm category, your skin will have golden, yellow or peachy undertones, and a red lipstick with hints of orange will be your ideal match.
  • Red lipstick for neutral undertones: Neutrals will have a mixture of warm and cool undertones and berry and red-brown shades will be your most flattering fit.

  • We’ve rounded up the best winter lipstick contenders for you amongst our range of lipsticks, to help you find your best red.

    Deep matte red

    A winter lipstick such as a deep matte red deserves to take centre stage (and our Lip Power lipstick is made for this). For this look, it’s important to keep the rest of your makeup quite minimal. Avoid too heavy a base and keep your skin looking glowy and natural to really allow the red lip to pop. When it comes to your eyes, a swipe of mascara is great, but keep any liner or shadow neutral and bookmark any intense eyeshadow colours for another time.

    Depending on the type of lipstick you’re using, you’ll need to apply them using different techniques. If you’re working with a solid lipstick, use a lip liner in the same colour as your lipstick first, then apply pigment to the centre of your lips, working outwards toward your lip line.

    Deep matte red lipsticks

    Satin finish scarlet

    If you’re more of a fan of liquid lipsticks, the Lip Maestro Satin Lipstick is a great option as it provides a vibrant colour pay off, while hydrating the lips and lasting up to eight hours. For a gorgeous makeup look with red lipstick, opt for pared-back skin, bold look-at-me lashes and a strong brow to allow your lip colour to shine. Alternatively, a flushed look with pink blush and minimalist eye makeup gives a romantic feel.

    For a seamless liquid lipstick application, trace your lip line with the wand applicator then slowly blend to fill, ensuring you’ve got even coverage. A handy trick to help give your lipstick staying power is to apply 2-3 thin coats of colour, then blot between each layer for a more long-wearing finish.

    Velvety true red

    When it comes to red lipstick shades, there’s something about wearing a matte red lipstick which makes for the ultimate statement-making look. A matte lipstick looks flawless when done correctly and is the perfect counterpart to luminous skin that glows. Add bold lashes as an accent, apply bronzer to sculpt the cheekbones then finish with a coquettish cat-eye for the perfect red lipstick makeup look.

    When applying a matte liquid lipstick such as Lip Maestro Lipstick, use a lip scrub to get rid of any dead skin, then use a lip liner to outline your lips. To apply, be sure to wipe off any excess product from the wand to keep the distribution of lipstick more even. Start from the centre of the lips then apply the lipstick using small strokes to ensure precise application.

    How to make red lipstick makeup looks last all day

    When a makeup look centres around a dark red lipstick you want to ensure it lasts the entire day. Makeup with red lipstick essentially has the red lip as the showpiece element, so it’s important to do the necessary prep work to give your lip colour longevity. Here are some ways to keep your lipstick vibrant and firmly in place:

    • Exfoliate the lips first to remove dry skin to ensure a smooth canvas for your lipstick, and to keep your lip colour more long-lasting.
    • Use a lip balm before applying your lipstick to hydrate and avoid a feathering effect with your colour.
    • A lip liner is a step you can’t afford to miss when it comes to applying any red lipstick shades. Use a lip liner to define your lip shape and colour in your lips — this helps to stop your lipstick from bleeding and gives it something to “grip”.
    • To help increase your red lipstick makeup look’s longevity, lightly dust translucent powder over your lips with a large brush. Be sure to avoid being too heavy-handed as you could disturb your lipstick and cause it to smudge.

    Once you’ve mastered how to apply the perfect pout, now it’s time to paint the town red!

    Whether it’s a deep dark red or a subtle neutral hue, you’re ready to rock red lipstick makeup looks all winter long. Next, learn how to apply lipstick for dry lips.


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